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How to prepare for CEED (popular)   A comprehensive discussion on preparing for CEED. Plz feel free to discus further by adding comments.

How to begin CEED preparation

Two step prep for design Experience sharing by an IDCian about CEED preparation.  
What to carry for CEED exam   What all can you carry to examination hall. 


= Creativity techniques =

Attribute Method (popular)  Solutions to selected questions

Uses of egg-shaped form (popular)  The question no. 4 from CEED 2008 paper 

Materials and Manufacturing Processes  This is answer to Q.9 of CEED 2009 and discusses various materials and manufacturing processes



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Logo Design Tips

design passwords which are difficult to guess by others

Square, triangle and a circle by different personalities  How will different personalities attempt to draw a square, triangle and a circle :)

Designer's Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint 2007

Design for X

Difference between Product Design and Industrial Design (popular)

Make a Soap Dish

A Quick Guide to Media Licenses

All the Best pen-stand

Green Klip (popular)

101 uses of a CRT monitor

101 uses of old CDs

IISc Aerobics poster for January 2011 batch

5 Useful (and genuine) eBooks for Industrial Designers

A new set of clay sculpting tools

Cubes rendered in HyperShot


This is how you keep ur tush warm...

T-shirts designed for CSA (IISc, Bangalore)

My time-table at IISc

An old mechanic's tool kit

No Photoshop? use Powerpoint!

Some peeled paint

The Paperclips

The Propeller on your cycle

Meditative Design

The dried flowers

Coupler curves experiment