June 24, 2016

Experience of Gonga Naveen Kumar (NID, Product Design)

Gonga Naveen Kumar, M.Des-Product Design

This is how it all happened:

I was working in Hero Motocorp as a GET. I used to get lot of appreciation for my paintings. I was thinking of changing my field to designing. One of my friend suggested me to do M.Des. I have researched about M.Des and found out NID and IDC are the best colleges available for that. Then I have applied for NID and IDC. I was interested in Product design,  NID and Industrial Design, IDC.
I have prepared well for CEED, but due to some silly mistake of mine, it didn't go well. Being upset about that, I didn't prepare for NID's DAT. Directly went to exam hall and wrote the exam.

Results are out. I've cleared DAT with good marks. Qualified for the next stages. 

Then I thought this is the time I have to give everything for the next stages in order to qualify or else I have to spare one more year unnecessarily.
I QUIT MY JOB, exactly 20 days before the Studio tests and interviews. Prepared day and night for Portfolio (17 days) and last three days on Studio tests. I have ordered Silica home kit to get to know the feel of synthetic clay. I doodled a lot in these three days. I got my portfolio printed like a Karizma album(Marriage album).
I went to Ahmedabad for studio tests in Product Design.

Studio test 1 was a group activity. We need to build a passenger bridge. Materials such as Binding wire, Match sticks, Cardboard and two wooden blocks. A paper will be given for each, where you have to write down your observations, considerations, learning etc.

Studio Test 2 was an individual activity where each candidate is given a socks(1 unit) in which 8 different materials were kept. The candidate has to keep one hand inside socks, feel the components and remove the hand, without pulling out any component outside. Then one sheet will be given, in which the component name, material type, dimensions, drawing and its uses should be written. I was able to figure out all the eight components with dimensions. Then another sheet was given, where using the components from the previous sheet, should make a design, which floats. I made a penguin floating on ice berg in water pool.

Studio Test 3 was about 3D model making, where we were given a block of thermacol each and a metal file for working on the thermacol. We need to make a water bottle for a five year old kid. And also a sheet of paper is given where we have to draw and show what our design is and explain it.

My Interview was actually conducted before the studio tests according to the schedule.The panel consisted of three members, including a Psychologist. The questions were mostly related to my work as an employee in the company. They also asked why I wanted to change to design field from my current field. I answered all the questions quite well, as my confidence level was high at that time and the interview went on for half an hour. They also asked me about my financial status and how will I be paying the Fee etc. I said I have already planned for all of that. Also, they asked me what if I don't get a seat in the college. I said I will keep on trying till I get a seat.

Results are out and I was in the Merit list 1. Now the admission process is going on...  

June 20, 2016

Dhruva Rathod's experience of IISc, IITB, IITD, IITK and IITG

I am K Dhruva Rathod,B.Tech Mechanical 2016 (Interested in Automobile and Product design) 

Talking of CEED,its my first attempt,my interest was to join IDC @ IITB
CEED  PART B score -40  ,Categoty-ST
Bottom-line- a good score can give you a chance to attend interview but not score,
People having 7,13 rank came till IITG but could make it to M.DES

It was the first interview so I went to look into process and learn something so that I could do well at IDC.
DAT- I was good solving basic aptitude and the questions from basic mechanical engineering subjects  all the 5 questions in technical part of DAT were correct ,5 out of 10 are compulsory and they dealt with engineering mechanics,strength of materials,fluid mechanics,maths,electrical.
Interview (15 minutes)-I had my interview immediately after DAT,questions were asked like this
Tell me about yourself
How did you come to know about CPDM
Why didn’t you write GATE
Asked me how I could prove I am a designer (they intend to ask my portfolio and my works),
 Since I wasn’t knowing how to make one I didn’t make any hard-copy in a file
I showed my sketchbook and then a few images of product designs I made in my laptop then
They asked difference between engineer and designer
I was happy the way it went on .
Firstly I was tensed since it was IISC and it was my first interview.
Don’t worry or get tensed don’t be like me start making portfolio based on your interests .
Then came result I got call letter to join Product design and engineering at CPDM @IISc

DAT-You know the questions asked I uploaded the question paper.since I am a starter my sketching was a bit poor.i did what ever I could
Interview-they asked my BTech project details (know A to Z about that ,prepare well in hand)
Showed my sketchbook and my sketches and things I made using CATIA.

DAT-asked to make a machine that helps in plucking mangoes and can count the number too.
Interview(7pm)-Basic questions after seeing my sketchbook,other questions related to b.tech project
It lasted for 2 mins .
IIDC interviews starts with General-OBC-SC-ST

4.IITK (no DAT)
Interview was held for 2 days ,mine was on first due to clash got it postponed to second day,
As soon as I entered I saw 3 people,mine interview was immediately after lunch so only one interviewer was active,one was playing in phone,other busy switching ON MAC.
Same questions on sketchbook and portfolio
Asked why I choose certain course at IITK .
Bottom-line : I was rigid with interviewer stating my interests of automobile design,they wanted a flexible guy ,also there was no faculty related to automobile design.
Sometimes versatile portfolio can fetch you a seat,since you are flexible

DAT-sketches for products , animation inspiration from Banana,question paper is in the blog refer that.
Interview (panel of 15)-it was held in conference hall,after IISC interview I was happy with IITG interview,portfolio is circulated and then questions  on sketchbook and portifolio,btech project,idea presented in DAT.

I must admit that prasanna Sir helped me a lot

A good ceed score can get you a call for interview but not seat,start working on portifolio based on your interests (animation,product,automobile,interaction UX /UI)
K.Dhruva Rathod.
Any queries mail to dhruvarathod9@gmail.com

June 13, 2016

Ravi Terang's story of IITD and IITK

Hello design aspirants.

I have been reading a lot of the success stories from this blog and ever since i got the call back from IIT Delhi and Kanpur, have been wanting to share my experience.
I am a BE (mech) graduate like most of the people here. I don't want to bore you with all the how i prepared for ceed and stuff cause you'll find a lot on how to do that here. So I'll just skip straight to DAT and interview experience.
I had a pretty bad score and rank. So i decided to just apply to  most of the inst. for experience excluding iit bombay and hyderabad since i wasn't into visual communication.  I was lucky enough to get calls from all the inst. I only had 4 days  to prepare for my portfolio after my final exams but somehow managed to get something done just  the night before interview as it's a crucial part for interview.

DAT and Interview at IDDC: Studio test was really fun.  We were given a question to design a mango plucking device.
After studio test, i had to wait a long time for my interview.
It was a panel of 2 and they were really friendly.
The moment i entered the room, they spoke to me in assamese as i am from Assam. I was surprised and responded back in assamese.  They then went though my portfolio and asked if I was interested in product design. I was more into transportation design so i said no. Then they asked me about my native place and things happening out there and that was it. The interview went for around 5-10 mins.

Interview at IIT Kanpur:
Unlike other inst., in iitk there wasn't any DAT. It was a direct interview. I have read a lot about how the interviews go and what they usually ask in iitk from this blog so i did some practice on some of the  commonly asked question.
Unlike iit delhi, i didn't have to wait long. It was a panel of 5. The moment i entered the room they asked me to hand over my portfolio. One of them was busy checking into my portfolio and the rest started shooting questions at me. They first asked me to solve an equation which i somehow managed to solve with some help from the panel. ( (y = |x| - y) this is the type of equations they commonly ask ).(Make sure you go through some of the basic +2 maths the night before interview) Then they asked  some question from my portfolio. One of the panel asked me if i can do logo design. I said yes and they asked me to design a logo for the assamese people.  My hands were shaking and i could hardly draw a circle but i somehow managed to complete the logo. The rhino i made in the logo was more like a potato and the tea leaves were more like creepers. They asked some question based on my engineering background and also where i see myself after 3 years. During the interview i tried my best to show them my desire to learn and my interest in design. The interview went on for about 15  mins. The time i spent inside the interview was intense but it was fun.
My only suggestions is to be honest and never lie about anything. The panels are very clever and they know what you really are. So just be yourself and don't pretend to know everything. Show then your desire to learn.

Thanks to Prasanna Sir for creating this awesome blog.

Drop me a mail at raveeterang@gmail.com  if you have any quarries. I'll be more than happy to help.
Here are some of the pages from my potfolio. I hope this helps.

Selected works from portfolio


June 10, 2016

Vishnu C P makes it to IITB MVD

Hey everyone, My name is Vishnu C P, 22,keralite,  Automobile engineer , Vehicle Design enthusiast. Cleared ceed2016 with rank95 and got selected for Mobility and Vehicle Design.
This years ceed was my second attempt and I am glad that I got what I wanted the most. Previous years ceed was a trial version for me which made me realise where I lack and how I should improve. After my engineering a took one year break, sat home , started sketching and moulding myself for a better design approach which indeed payed of well for ceed2016. 

Preparation Days:
“Don’t prepare yourself just to crack the entrance and get a good rank, Prepare yourself to be a better designer”. My initial months where dedicated completely to sketching, as it’s a fundamental thing for a designer. As a vehicle designer sketching is the core, so I followed blogs, saw videos, read articles and portfolios, met designers and design aspirants, was criticized and appreciated for all the works.
I was a part of few groups of design aspirants. We use to assign tasks daily for ceed and nid especially PartB of ceed where we need to think creative and also have manage time which is a tough task.  It was a great experience, without them  I couldn’t have performed well. I suggest you to get a good group of fewer members or work alone. Also read blogs, Tea cup blog, stuff you look and Mansharma.net which will give you an insight about design and its approach. Meet people who are studying design, get to know more from them, meet professionals and  get inspired by their works, these all could boost your design approach. 

Portfolio, Studio Test and Interview:
My Nid results was a let down as I failed to clear it. One of my friend called me up and told me “ make portfolio for yourself, not for any interview panel” which was really inspiring. Ceed results were late due to Chennai flood and that’s the time when I worked on my folio. I already had ideas about my projects which I had noted down during my preparation time, all I had to do was present it well. Issuu, Behance, teacupblog, etc  helped me well for my portfolio presentation. I suggest you guys to note down all your ideas as u get it and work on portfolio soon after your entrance, do it for yourself!!
Studio test for mobility and vehicle design went really good. We were asked to sketch Renault Kwid from memory, I knew bits and pieces of the aesthetic shape of car and had confidence with lines and perspective so I did it pretty okay. We were also asked to make a cuboid of given dimension and also were asked to design a Seat for bullet train in India. My interview went really good too. Panel was cool with me, they appreciated my sketches a lot, had lot of friendly talks and they also will test our materials knowledge. Make sure you read and get to know about basic materials.
Studio test and material test for industrial design was bad for me. I was least interested and I realised which stream I belong to. Interview panel of Id asked me about my  preference , and I preferred mobility first. So that’s done.

Few tips for designers, especially for transportation design aspirants
  • Sketch a lot of ellipses, circles, lines, cubes in perspectives everyday, every time before you  sketch something.( We need a lot of that in cars.)
  • You don’t have to have perfect artistic skills nor you have to take any coaching. You can figure it all out yourself if you are passionate about your field. Make sure that your ideas are creative and its presented properly so that its appealing.
  •  Have an insight about the field, go through portfolios, meet designers,get your works criticized.
  • Be updated about everything related to your field
  • Finally, “let the passion, dedication and hardwork drive you ahead, don’t worry about any consequences. Keep trying and be passionate about design always"
Some  pages from my portfolio:

June 03, 2016

(Anonymous) NID Photography design

Hello, I am X and I am 23 years old. I graduated from one of the NITs last year (2015) and I am an architect who is absolutely crazy about design, art and sustainability. 

I got through NID Gandhinagar, this year in Photography design, in my second attempt. I would like to firstly share about my first failed attempt. When I wrote the exam in January 2015 for the first time, I wasn't even expecting to get through it, but April came and I had just cleared the written. I had absolutely no idea about how to go about preparing the portfolio, I just had my architecture portfolio and had roughly a month to prepare for it, but because my internship was going on it was very hectic and I couldn't find time to compile my portfolio, also I wasn't in a positive state of mind to do anything because I'd be worried about what will I do after college gets over. Came May, I just had 3 days to prepare my portfolio for Photography design, as my college exams and Vivas had just gotten over. I went with half done portfolio and completed the rest after reaching Gandhinagar ( bad, bad thing to do). In the studio test we were taken to Ahmedabad and asked to shoot for an hour and then we were taken back. We had half an hour to process the images and take prints ( of 20 photographs that we had to finalize). We were given another 30 mins to cut and paste them on a chart paper making a meaningful narrative. I did well, but not well enough. Next morning I had my interview. I was extremely nervous and I had sweaty palms. I usually put basic make up and my favourite jewellery to make myself feel good, but I didn't do that either. For some strange reason I was extremely depressed and was on a medication which just made my mood worse. Anyway, so the interview went horrible, I was asked basic questions like why photography and why not architecture? Who is your favorite architect? Why NID? Tell us more about your hometown, etc, to which I answered well, but I wasn't vehement enough to sound as if I really mean it. The very first  question that they asked was tell us about yourself and I started like ummm... so that's not the best way to start. My nervousness and negative state of mind, spoiled this interview and also I wasn't being myself. Funny advice but good health and a positive state of mind is most important things ever. Make sure to have your favorite ice cream or chocolate before you go in for the interview ( I kid you not). 

When the results came, I obviously knew I wouldn't make it, but I really wanted to go to NID, esp after living there for 5 days and feeling the atmosphere and looking at the kind of work that people produce there. It was wonderful. So after this disappointed, I thought I must explore myself and find out what I really wish to do. I went traveling, to beaches of Goa and beautiful hills of the North. From June to October, I was traveling and volunteering, something I really wanted to do while I was in college, but couldn't find time. Traveling solo gave me the confidence to be myself and have  more control over what I wanted and what I wished to do or to be. Also traveled with friend in twos and threes. Made art on walls and I never stopped taking photographs, and I realized this is the most beautiful way I can express my feelings. By the end of the journey I realized the importance of a positive,happy mind and the effect that has on your creativity. My spent my year off well, learnt and did things that I wanted for a very long time, like knitting, painting with acrylic, other thread arts, etc. Read a lot of books mostly philosophy and art/design. Throughout the year I just did things I felt like, paint, doodle, sketch, knit, read, without even realizing that it would become a part of my portfolio.
Came January 2016, I wrote the exam again, it went well. Results came in Feb, I scored well. Studio test and interview was scheduled for April end, so I had plenty of time to prepare. I started taking prints of my photographs, of the ones which were very close to me and expressed a thousand emotions.
I completed a series of paintings. I also made an illustration series on reusing/repurposing our waste in personal diary form, etc. My portfolio reflected the person I am . There is no particular way of making a portfolio and no set guidelines. You should take what feels right to you. And I, personally don't like A3 spiral bound stuff. Everything I took was analogue, nothing on th computer. 80% stuff was hand made. 

I visited my favorite psychologist to talk about my anxiety, and he said that it is totally normal and human to feel that way and there is nothing wrong with me.
Came April, studio test was very different this year and we weren't asked to even touch a camera. Next day the interview was there and I decided to wear my favourite kurta, pants, chappals, earrings and basic make up. I was kinda nervous but the moment I entered the room, bam! Nervousness gone, anxiety vanished, in fact I was excited to talk about my reformed self and show my portfolio (which is carried in a small box) . The questions were pretty much the same as last year, but I answered well and I am sure they saw the twinkle in my eyes while talking about photography, art and design. I was also asked about my internship, travel /volunteering experience and that if read books. These were probably the 3 best questions I was asked, lol. There was no cross questioning, no questions on the portfolio, except in the end I was told my portfolio is very mixed media. Also I was asked if I knew how to use a DSLR and which one I owned ( Canon 600D). It was very relaxed and happy.
Came 31st May and much to my surprise I had cleared with a good rank. I was scared about the interview the most and ended up getting a whopping 92.5 on 100. I was over the moon! Still am :))))
Also, my friends from both NIT and NID helped me a lot by going through my portfolio and randomly popping suggestions and advice time and again. And my family for help me travel and volunteer wherever I wanted. And most importantly Prasanna's wonderful blog, where all amazing people have shared their experiences. It gave me great insight. All the input was very very inspiring and motivating.
My suggestion, find yourself and be yourself. Read good books, listen to good music and watch good movies/ documentaries. Travel or volunteer if time permits, it opens the mind. Go through works of designers and other people, you never know where inspiration awaits (Instagram). Learn a new skill maybe.Most importantly never lose hope and always stay positive.
I hope this helps. 

Lot of positive vibes to all!
X (Name withheld upon request)

PS. Uninstall Pinterest while making your portfolio, look within for ideas, trust me you will surprise your own self."

IITD Studio test paper of 2016

Special thanks to Dhruva Rathod for contributing the paper to this blog :)

IITG DAT paper of 2016

Special thanks to Dhruva Rathod for contributing the paper to this blog :)