May 03, 2014

Success Story : Akanksha Rathore (ID at IDC, IITB)

Here is a success story of  Akanksha Rathore, who is a regular reader of TeaCupBlog, written in her own words :)

hello people !
got selected for industrial design-IDC batch 2014-16
after completion of my btech in electronics and communication.Like many other I was clueless about how to prepare. since I was new to the field and by suggestions from a few seniors I joined  brds .it did help me to know a few people planning their career in the field of design and also it scheduled a routine coz otherwise i am a laid back person (yess the attitude did cost a lot :S),but yess  I completely agree with all those who say self study suffice 

I believe the crack for CEED is to try sketch quickly and also quick idea generation ,so that when in exam when u've limited time in hand if you can sketch quickly ,you can save yourself some time to generate a idea that is different fom others and also present it well. 
for PART A :
                          /current affairs
                          /materials and manufacturing process
                          /photography terms, abbreviations 
                          /indian architecture,monuments ,artists ,musical instruments,movies and directors,animators
                          /basics of mechanical engineering  
                          /logos and designs
still you can never be sure ,if you have prepared enough (:/)
and yes most importantly teacup blog** and ceed help **   nothing helps more. It will always give you a  clear idea to what and where to improve.

It was very much like PART B of CEED ,but this time strictly related to the discipline you have applied for.
honestly I screwed this test but did well in the material test...but some how I justified my answer fr DAT in interviews

This was an important part.I had many questions like ,what number of projects should be included??/ Is it a necessity to include some s/w implemented projects?? (I didn't knew any s/w will that be a draw back??), But what I learnt was the number of projects had nothing to do,It was the quality they looked for.learning a software would definitely prove to be a plus but it is not a prime requirement.All your concepts and ideas should be well presented and self explanatory . My portfolio had projects in it with a few sketches and photography .(and its alright if u can't sketch portraits , just be clear with human figures using or handling some product) .Ask ur friends/family if they understand your design without you helping them explaining it. Again not to forget prasanna sir and trivikram sir helps you like no other :)

I was asked to explain my answer I gave fr DAT  and also the material test lamp design ,then they asked me some questions on materials and manufacturing methods,why I want to switch from engineering to design ....and also many questions on my application form(they just flipped through the portfolio).All you need to do is be confident and show your curiosity for the subject rest is all done .

so now ,when  I have made  it to IDC here's the people i owe my success Prasanna sir,Trivikram, Moupia boss,Saurav Garg , Anil kumar ...thank you guys for all the help :)

to all the aspirants .good luck people !!have fun and give your best shot.


feel free to post your queries to me at:

Selected pages of her portfolio. Architectural sketching style is clearly evident in her product sketches.


Bhavik Grover said...

dhaaasu drawing :)

abhi_edd said...
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abhi_edd said...

Oye!!! akanksha...u have really improved a lot...from the time...when i first saw your work!!...and yess...amazing ideas!...u deserved it!!

Amol Patil said...

That's really super...

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