April 22, 2013

Success Story : Trivikram (PD at IDC IITB)

Trivikram a regular reader of this blog made it to two branches in IDC. He got selected in both product design and mobility design. He shared some of his work he presented in portfolio and few links to his works on Facebook. We are thankful to him for sharing his experience, tips and work. Here is his success story in his own words

Hello people :)
I am Trivikram.A,
A brief intro about me – I am a B.Tech graduate in Electrical n Electronic Engg (not of Mechanical Background), I love sketching a lot (few of my works r put here) and I was inclined towards pursuing a career in a creative field , so I took a shot  at the CEED exam and got a pretty good rank in the first attempt... I got selected in IDC for 2 streams – Industrial Design and Mobility/Automobile Design....and this is how I made it-

My CEED Preparation:
I started my preparation  from march 2012 , for about 2 months I gathered info about CEED exam pattern , the cut-offs of the exam ,syllabi, important dates , etc and then I mailed many students who were already studying M.Des and that’s how I got to know about Teacup. Blog....things got a lot simplified after I found this blog coz u find just everything u need  to know in one place....
The topics I prepared for CEED Part -A were –
1)     Animals (Mostly Found In India -Their Features, Locomotion, Shapes Etc
2) Basics Of Shadows
3) Important Ppl (Mostly Indian ) - Architects,Artist,Latest Padmashri Awardees, Authors,etc
4) About 100 famous Logo's- Mostly Indian Brands
5) Fonts (Analyse Few Imp Font Styles)
6) Communication Techniques -Like Signage’s
7) Famous Paintings And Monuments
8) Ergonomics Basics
9) Tessellation Puzzles
10) Reflections On Spherical Surfaces
11) Imp Abbreviations, Like Fdi,Saarc,Dslr,Etc
12) Basics Of Gears
13) Basics Of Centre Of Gravity
14) Basics of materials and manufacturing
15) Basics of plastics
For Part-B type questions -
1)     Loads of sketching of day-to-day objects u see around.....
2)     Creative Uses of objects
3)     Analysis of problems found in a public place (like a bus stand/hotel , etc)

I would like to mention a couple questions that was in CEED 2013 and my answers for them –

Q 1. Write 5 uses of a magic paint , which when painted makes the objects invisible
My answer -
1) 'magic show' - paint it on a bike....so when u drive it ,u seem to be flying around.
2) Those who have extra limbs or extra fingers...paint it on them...it’ll look like you have normal hand and limbs....instead of operating it in hospital :P
3) Police can use it on cars windows...to see any suspicious objects inside, instead of breaking it.
4) 2 rooms, one room has light bulb....other doesn’t...so paint it on the wall separating the 2 rooms...to get light onto the other room also.
5) Build a wall front of Ur door...paint it at night....so it becomes invisible...any thief wud bump into it...house is safe: D 
Q.2.A scene of a small Indian hotel was given...and was asked to find 5 distinct problems-
my answer -
1) ambiance was bad....a painting on the wall, a flower pot n stuffs would’ve looked better
2) no drinking water was seen around
3) menu card was written in English (not local Lang) and font size was tiny
4) there were plastic chairs....scattered....tat wud b an obstacle for those walking....so u cud use fixed chairs
5) a mosquito repellent ...would make place a lot more hygienic

U really don’t need any coaching classes for CEED prep....GOOGLE and TEACUP blog are more than enough....

During CEED exam –
·         Time management is very important because CEED paper expects you to put across your answers through sketches which take a lot of time...
·         Do not Paint....... limit yourself to using pencils and pens during the exam...painting is risky and time taking.
·         Take care of negative marking in Part-A..... plan properly  while answering part-A questions, u need to clear part-A’s cut-off to get your Part-B evaluated in the new scheme of CEED

After CEED exam –
Do not wait for your CEED results, after your CEED exam just believe that you’ll get a good score and start off with your portfolio....cause I really didn’t have enough time to make a good portfolio.
And have a hawk-eye on the important dates of IIT’s application forms....

My DAT/ Interview Preparation –
·         For IDC – I feel having a Good Portfolio is really important to get into IDC...
Try to make your portfolio as diverse as possible-
1)     You could probably add few digital sketches
2)     Make a 3-D model instead of showing only sketches
3)     Add in a glimpse of all your past works which can be in some way related to design field
·         For IISc – here importance is given a little more to technical knowledge rather than just limiting to designs alone(and that's why even GATE qualified students are being short-listed) , so your portfolio is advised to have more concept-oriented works rather than just having styling/designs and sketches.

Few topics you must know for IISc DAT are-
1. Colour psychology 2. Puzzle type of logical questions 3. Technical engineering mechanics numerical 4. Electronics circuit or may be network analysis numericals 5. Drawings section 6. Technical descriptive and objective questions, regarding latest technologies (e.g. ABS ,MeMS, air multiplier ,etc)
Your basis of selection into M.des programme are based on overall performance comprising of–
1)     CEED
2)     Previous Academic performance
3)     DAT
5)     Interviews

But I would say 1) and 5) are the most important of them all.....
  • You really need to have a good CEED score to be on the safer side and apply to all IIT’s, especially if you come under unreserved/general category.
  • Interviews...hell yeah – if you can show the panel that you are really eager to pursue M.Des and you have the passion for Design...your sure to get a seat....

Few important links that’ll be useful for CEED aspirants –

As mentioned before, your portfolio plays an important role in the selection process....so here are few tips on that –
How NOT to make a portfolio –
Work – A car design

  • The works were made using A4 sheets with pencil drawings and was spiral bound...it looked extremely dull and didn’t really initiate a sense of interest from the panel....so present your works in a more attractive way in a well planned/orderly contents
  • Although my works were concept based, I didn’t express it well on the paper, have a look at the next picture where I explained the same work in a more elaborate way using a A3 size sheets

When I first saw this blog....I dreamt of having my success story in this blog...I’m very happy to have done that now... I am very eager to help other aspirants do the same.....

My mail id – 3vikram007@gmail.com


Arshad said...

Congrats dude.. im sure ul make it at CPDM.. hehe :D

chetanyadav said...

Pls check the links again, thanks

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Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Links appear to be working fine on firefox... are you facing some problem?

chetanyadav said...

:) links of the references are working fine, but the link 'here' and facebook (i can understand it might be visible to friends list only) seems not workin. i tried them on all browsers...trivikram had a blog (i had visited earlier) but i dont see it now :(

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Updated the 'here' link, though somehow it was still opening, maybe because i was logged in to the Blogger. Hope it works now :)
Oh yeah, Trivikram's blog is not there or maybe he set it to private

chetanyadav said...

Working. Trivikram, you are an artist!

Harini G said...

Hi 3!
Can u plz let us know...from where did u get to know abt all these topics mentioned above...

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Harini,
You can contact Trivikram on Facebook or gmail. He wont get a notification of the comments you write here :(
Also, on Facebook, he has a group called CEED Help, he is pretty active there
HAve fun!

Harini G said...

Thank u Prasanna!!!

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