May 23, 2014

Success story : Anamitra Dasgupta (PD at NID)

 Anamitra Dasgupta got selected to NID Product Design course. We are grateful to her for sharing her story. Also special thanks to her for sharing the portfolio she presented during her interviews. This will be very useful as an example of good portfolio and can be followed as a guideline.

Hi everyone out there..I am Anamitra Dasgupta.I have been selected in NID for PGDPD in Product Design.I am from architecture background and am looking forward to this new experience.

During my college years I used to follow seniors on FB whosoever was in NID ..
I had a sense of admiration for strong that i wanted to be in that place myself.
I have had a thing for designing and that's the common link I found to be between architecture and industrial design.
I graduated in 2012 and joined an architecture firm with a very strong line of thought that i would gather knowledge and experience in my base degree before I move onto sumthng new.
I believe one should have experience in the field of his graduation before he jumps onto another because one has invested 4-5 years on it and real time knowledge helps you make your base even stronger.

I applied for both CEED 2014-15 and NID 2014-15. I didnt have much time for preparation as had to work almost 10-9 everyday. After office hours whatever time I had i tried to solve question papers but most importantly i used to surf various websites. Situational and problem solving need analytical thinking power and that doesnt grow in a day. Dedicated hours and sketching practice is need to an extent.
However I gave exams for both without much high hopes...cleared both CEED and NID.

CEED 2014-15 and IDC

I scored a 39/100..AIR 122 in CEED and I knew I wont be able to crack IDC smoothly. Started with the portfolio but couldn't succeed in making an impressive one. Lack of time and proper guidance led me to a portfolio with an assortment of architecture and artwork with a couple of product designing in conceptual form.

In IDC environment was really nice. In the studio test we were given to redesign a chaiwallah cycle with additional features. I thought I gave my best then but later I realize I bombed. One piece of advice to be shared here..."Never get stuck your first thoughts, you shall never be able to evolve anything else". Material test was good. A lamp for office was to be made and I was happy with my model.
In the interview I was called in asked a couple of questions about the model and why I chose product design...and it was over.I couldnt feel the satisfaction from within and knew I had already given IDC a miss.

NID results were out and I knew I had another chance...probably "the last one"

NID 2014-15 (**got 32/50 in DAT)

My failure in IDC turned to be my stepping stones towards NID.I had a months time before studio tests and PI. I had to outdo my earlier portfolio.I started looking for design problems and tried making solutions for them. At the end I had a decent portfolio. I restricted my portfolio to 20 pages with a couple of degree projects and artwork and keeping the prime focus on the conceptual product designs.

NID campus is awesome. instantly fell in love with it and longed to be a part of it :) The studio test consisted of a psychometric test (doodling) which I found to be real fun. In the main test we had to design a bangle holder so that any bangle could be acessed without disturbing the other.Material provided were thermocol, cartridge paper, drinking straws,buttons,wires...but NO glue...
I absolutely loved the design problem and tried to give my best shot  This time I thought once twice thrice...and finally made my model. The second part was to visually decipher it and I did it well (I got a  positive remark in the PI about my communication skills).

The PI was very interesting...gave me the taste of NID. I was asked about architecture,product design relation between the two, materials tests of materials and some art and asthetics related questions.
One very interesting question was what product I being an architect would like to design for my counterparts..:) It went on for a good 20 minutes and I enjoyed every bit.
I was selected for PD.

Key points which I would like to share:

For CEED or NID  some things are very vital
  •    Time Management
  •    Communication skills
  •    Know ur strong and weak points
  •    Brush up ur basic GK
  •    Have an eye for detail
  •    Keep yourself updated with the current ongoing in the field of design

You dont need to be a M F Hussain to be in either of the places...just use ur best skill in best possible way in the shortest time to produce something that is equally legible to a layman or an expert.

Good luck to all of you who are preparing for next year and congrats to those who got through this year.

-- Regards,Anamitra Dasgupta


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