June 27, 2018

Success Story: Shaurya Verma (IIIT Jabalpur)

Hi All

Finally after trying for three consecutive attempts for CEED and NID, I find myself capable enough to write this.

In my B.Tech (mechanical) I got to know about this (M.Des) from my batch mate who was already joining IITD for the same. I went home I researched whole night and it was like something I always wanted to do but was not aware of. It was like I felt different very often that I have to do something else … at times I used to just look out the window at 4am … just observing things around memorizing more than a normal human does .. I could connect all that to this exam. I researched the previous papers and found them very interesting. I gained knowledge of perspective and proportions from my friend and worked a lot on line quality.

CEED 2016
It was my first attempt; it was on 10th December I guess. My center was somewhere in Ghaziabad(I stay in Delhi). I was tensed the night before and couldn’t sleep more than 15 min. Adding  to that I took sleeping pill at night and as a result I was very sleepy in the exam hall. The results came I cleared part A but scored and ultra low 17.5 in part B.

NID 2016
NID was fun. The exam was quite easy. I just couldn’t draw human facial expressions correctly which was of 10 marks. Result was 55.55 (not qualified for product and transport)

CEED 2017
I had joined job at Capgemini due to parental pressure. So gave CEED 2017 and result was 32 in part A… the cut off for part A was 34

NID 2017
I made a smart move and chose Ceramic and glass design with transport (ceramic has lowest cut off). I got staggering 62 out of 100 still didn’t clear transport but cleared ceramic (RANK 2). But the panel could easily identify that I am for transport and rejected me.

CEED 2018
I had made my mind that this would be my final attempt. While wasting 14 hours a day at job I still practiced sketching in company’s library. I was admired at office for my sketches. Finally the day came and I was again sleepless. Finally at 4 am in the morning I could manage to sleep for two hours and this fuelled my confidence. This time the center was within delhi too. I carefully attempted the part A . Avoiding negative marking and then came part B. I read the transport question first but it was slightly tough. So I went in with the product design. My target was to get 50+ in part B. because in earlier years this was enough to get a rank close to 100. Result part A 41 part B 52.6 overall score 49.7 Ceed rank 251(general).

NID 2018
It was same story as nid 17. I got 58.6. AIR 5 for ceramic and glass design.

Remaining part:
I got call from IITD, IITG and IIIT Jabalpur.

IIIT Jabalpur
We were given four different question papers. We had to finish it in 1 hour. One paper was about different types of chairs. Second was a bit about structures. Like why we have hemispherical structures in buildings. Third was creative one. We had to write which is the funniest commercial you have seen and had to sketch things pretty fast too. Fourth was very interesting IQ test. It had questions like – what if committed is not a crime but if attempted is a crime. I wrote suicide ;). Finally interviews were a mere formality. My interview took place at 10pm in night post dinner. Everyone was very over loaded with models practice works etc.  just like I was but I didn’t take anything inside because I knew they would be tired so I only took my printed portfolio and my sketchbook. One guy was viewing portfolio and rest were asking questions. They asked me why I wanted to do this course and leave my job. They said we don’t have transport faculty, I said I am okay with product. The results were out and I got in.

The studio test question was very tough. But I didn’t give a look to the choice questions which were quite easy as compared to the first one.  In first problem we had to cool a 6m x 6m room without using electric power and also had to incorporate humidity control feature. In interview they asked me about my studio problem. I came up with the idea of earthen pot based cooler but they said how do we control humidity from that and I was silent.

The studio test went well. We had to sketch the exploded view of a wrist watch without using any of its original parts. I don’t exactly know what went wrong here everything was almost perfect. May be I didn’t make eye contact with the panel.

What aspirants can do  

For CEED practice previous year papers again and again with time limit. The only way to go is self improvement. Study about materials and manufacturing it helps a lot. I suppose everyone who writes CEED exam has ideas in head but time limit is the only constraint. During exam I would suggest investing 70 percent of time in finding ideas and 30 percent in sketching is the best way to go.

A good rank can get you a call but not a seat. Studio test holds a lot more significance than interview and portfolio. So make sure you give your best for the studio test. For Portfolio keep it very short and precise. No panel would turn more than 6-8 pages.

For improvement in sketches find yourself a critic; one who is already gone through this process.

SPECIAL THANKS TO -: Anubhav Kardam(IITD) and Prasanna Sir

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Can uh plz share your experience in nid studio as a creamic n glass design.w hat kind of questions they asked n what type of portfolio they accept from us

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