April 11, 2013

Success story - Rekha Rudhiramoorthy (VC - IDC)

Dear friends,
Rekha Rudhiramoorthy  has been a regular reader of TeaCupBlog. She holds a BTech in Computer Science and was working in a big software firm as computer programmer in Bangalore. It is admirable how she managed to practice sincerely for CEED in spite of her hectic job. Her hard work bore fruits when she got selected to Visual Communication in IDC. We are really thankful to her for sharing her success story and tips for us to appreciate. 

How did I prepare and for how long?
About 6 to 7 months of random sketching, painting, solving old question papers and reading stuff online and 1 month of serious preparation for PART A and PART B
Follow TEACUP blog closely. Read all articles and tips mentioned here. Improve your GK by reading newspapers. Solve previous years question papers and small puzzles online.

Do I need to study from any particular book?
NO...just read the newspaper and design related articles, read more about the field you are interested in.
It is very important to clear Part A so look around you – observe logos, fonts, interactions, objects, etc
Draw a lot! Draw objects: to clear Part B: learn how to sketch objects quickly- you will learn when you make it a practice

How did I prepare for PART A and B?
I went through previous year question papers observed a pattern in the kind of questions that were asked and prepared on similar lines
Part B: I sketched a lot; I stopped painting scenery and beautiful women and switched to sketching objects. I sketched every other day.

What about my portfolio?
I appeared for VC and IXD

VC written test: I was asked to design a typographic identity, logo and symbol for a Safari park and also come up with an interesting name for the same.

VC interview (22 min.):
I told about what I know about the VC course at IDC
I told why VC when i am a successful computer science engineer working for a big firm
Since I sketch a lot of portraits they asked me what is the difference between sketching a portrait and clicking a portrait picture
I took a train to reach IDC on the day of the interview; I was asked the name of the railway station.

Conversations in the INTERVIEW:
Firstly they observed that all my works were related to IXD, they asked for my preference. I said IXD and next question was…should we continue this interview I said… DEFINITELY!!
They casually went through my portfolio and asked me questions on the same. I was given enough time to present all my works.
While explaining my works I made sure they knew how important this course is, for me. I spoke in a way that showcased my interest and hard work that I did to be there, sitting in front of them.
End of the interview they said they liked what I did in the VC test, they told me that my handwriting is good and for a computer science engineer I have done a great job answering the question.

Interview tip: Be yourself.  If you really want to be at IDC it will show when u talk to them.

Few more tips:
Talk to friends and seniors
Prasanna is a great mentor and loves to help. A couple of seniors at IDC guided me. Take help from seniors and friends to see if you are proceeding in the right direction and most importantly share your thoughts.

Enjoy what you are doing and believe in yourself:
Ask yourself if this is what you really want to do , if the answer is YES then go ahead and don’t look back. Believe in yourself and work hard. Put you mind and soul into the preparation you will make it.

Please feel free to reach out to me .I’ll be happy to help:



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