July 06, 2015

Success Story : Aditya Patil (NID PD)

Hello Everyone :)
I am aditya.
Just want to share my experience with you all.

Well..it all started april 2013 when I was in my last year of engineering preparing for CEEd n NID entrance exams but soon I decided to take a break coz I got a job at a very reputed company. I decided to start over again after an year after gaining some experience. Believe me stopping the preparation completely is the worst thing an NID / CEED aspirant could take. It was very difficult to concentrate back again, preparing for such a competitive exam especially after an year. Soon I got the news of my friend cracking NID last year. This motivated me and also gave me a hope. This was the time (June) when I really started taking Ceed and Nid entrances seriously. 
Abt entrance exams, well I must say I found Ceed entrance exam slightly tougher over NID. Especially the aptitude test. But I must say my experience was very similar to 'Slumdog Millionaire' for MCQs as I could answer most of the questions jus coz I had observed things around, noticed them. For eg there was one question in which they had asked abt the author of the book Accidental Prime Minister. I never read that book, but yes my friend did and I saw that book lying ob his bed for a week.


Talking about preparation well I went through famous paintings, artists, monuments, designers, books etc. Along with some history, Ramayan, Mahabharat. Believe me doing this will surely help coz while searching abt these things many random things will come to ur mind. Note them somewhere and search them too. Maintain a book to note down things. ( 50 PAGES MAX else it will be BORING AND YOU WILL NEVER GO THROUGH IT AGAIN) . Please don't mug ;)

Observe things around you, Sketch a lot, ask you friends to throw any question at you about any product they want to see.This will be very Random but believe me the more Random questions you will face , More Creative you will be. More prepared you will be.

Whatever work you do, show it to your NID / IDC seniors. Also show your artwork (especially products) to your friends who are from some other field say MBA or any other field. This will give you an idea about how a NON DESIGNER thinks.Will give you a different perspective all together. It will help you to make your designs better.
I feel, this is just to check how you handle the materials around you. Try making something innovative out of  thermocol, thin Wooden sheets, barks, perfume bottle paper box(or any box), clay, MAKE GREETINGS using only colored papers etc.

Exactly one year back I was just like you. I was nowhere in the race, completely lost, tensed. But if its meant to be then it will happen no matter know. I am just an ordinary guy and I dont really know how many hours one should prepare but always remember. WHATEVER YOU DO DO IT WITH YOUR FULL HEART.
At the end I just feel, If an ordinary guy like me can crack both CEED & NID then you all definitely can !! Everyone is gifted, everyone is special. Believe in your efforts and next year even you will be sharing your experience like this :)

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Trisha Tewari said...

Feeling so much motivated now!! :) ...need a few suggestions regarding portfolio....shall I include my resume in the portfolio??

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