June 02, 2014

Success Story : Anuja Auti (IIIT Jabalpur)

hello there!

every reader of  this blog, always wish to get selected in the best design institute and keeps hoping tht ,one day he/she will write their ow n experience on the same :)
i used to wish the same..and now m here..got selected in iiit jabalpur. :-)

earlier i ws not clear for which discipline to choose ..bt then i explored all the fields of design and i found tht  visual communication is the discipline m best at..i have always been inclined towards creativity..i always loved to doodle ,illustrate and make  handmade 3d models from creative ideas..so i always wanted to end up with this kind of work only for d rest of my whole life..

but preparing for ceed and nid requires more than creativity..i would like to share how i prepared for these exams

ceed preparation:
                             1.general awareness is must:-
    keep eye on new inventions,new designs by famous designers of the field you want to prepare for ..as well as the revolution took place in design history..that will help you to understand creative thinking of designers..even read about famous logos,musical instruments,famous people in the field of music ,design,architecture ,famous monuments ..
                             2.basic general knowledge:
i find manorama yearly book is best ..d main thing is you should know about indian culture very well and d basic general knowledge as well..because part a is totally associated with your observation skills,how you solve design problems,to inspect your perceptions behind d solution u have chosen to solve the problem area
                             3.for part b preparation
in part b there are questions related to your drawing ability,quality of lines,and your uniqueness  in solving given problem
so i will suggest to practice sketching all the products around you and moreover try to sketch or design new alternative for existing products for example if you are practicing  to sketch a lamp ..i Will suggest to design a new kind of lamp  that is not already exist.. so in this way you can imagine more designs and it will help you build more ideas ..and most important thing the idea should b very original..and realistic                      

this way i prepared for ceed and cracked it.
At IIIT Jabalpur 
In interview i showed my work to them ..and they asked me about basics of visual design, things about my work overall the interview was not threatening at all..important tip is to stay confident and be honest no matter what..
and no doubt Prasanna sir and teacup blog will help you at every stage of your preparation..
all the best guys:)
Selected works from my portfolio 



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Awesome Work :)

Atico Export said...
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Nick 888 said...

Excellent Anni :) I love your work and dedication. Keep up the good work always. I am proud of you. You ROCKS always!!!

Nikita Viswakarma said...

Hello I just want to know weather we have to send our portfolio along with our application or we show it directly at interview . I'm asking for iiitdmj especially

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