June 20, 2018

Success Story: Dipak Chambhare (TAD at NID)

HELLO...guys I am DIPAK,I have completed my bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering.

First of all thank you PRASANNA GADKARI sir for this opportunity.
So here I am going to share journey of my Dream NID TRANSPORTATION AND AUTOMOBILE DESIGN.(first attempt)

From the beginning I am always curious,crazy about vehicles there
working,looks etc specially cars I don’t know how why, when but there is something which always attracts me towards cars ... like every guy at that age me too loves to sketch cars vehicles a lot but I think in my case it is slightly different i m just doing it so because I love to do only that work than anything else. The main thing on which I believe on is environment around us plays a vital role.

Main design journey starts from 10th standard I still remember it is 10th standard summer vacation waiting for the result one day at night while surfing on net on topic of how to become a car designer I found interview of (SIR ANKIT PRASHAR) Indian automotive designer graduated from Coventry university.That interview becomes one of the important turning point of my life after reading that interview my perspective about  design gets totally changed I learned a lot from it and that was the first time I came to know about NID ENTRANCE,there r such entrances for becoming  AUTOMOTIVE DESIGNER. That interview  also shows me the path,in what way now I have to move on for achieving my dream.

After this I collected all the complete info about NID ENTRANCE as well as CEED and started to improve my knowledge slowly and design terms. I know while reading this one point may be came into your mind guys that why I had not applied for B.Des after completing my 12th because I want to keep backup for me and also wants to get technical knowledge so first I took my bachelor degree in
MECHANICAL Engineering.

After completing my engineering I decided to take one year drop for preparation and then appear for exam but unfortunately in year 2016 due to some documents issue, I failed to apply for entrances but
without getting nervous & thinking much on it I continued my preparation & this year I had applied for both CEED AND NID, unfortunately I failed to qualify for CEED but the good news is that I cracked the NID prelims with OBC AIR-22 and got call letter for MAINS.

For NID prelims AND CEED preparation I prepared from the two
blogs. 1) stuff you look blog by (bhanu chander sir) 2) Teacup blog by (prasanna gadkari sir) These two blogs have more than enough material for preparation along with this lots of study material (PDF) from various sources on google, sketching practice on daily basis, MANORAMA YEAR BOOK AND YOUTUBE CHANNELS LIKE STUDY IQ EDUCATION by Dr.Gaurav garg, PROKO, ADDYLABS by Akshay khandalkar sir, DRAW WITH JAZZA.

FOR NID MAINS AND STUDIO TEST preparation seniors from NID and IITs helps me a lot specially I would like to take some names here Ronit pandya, Prasanna Gadkari, Akshay khandalkar,,
Dhruva rathod, Bhanu chander, Sanghbir venkatesh satapathy, Amartya Banerjee, Roshan kove....these people also helped me in my prelims

preparation.along with this my PARENTS, PAYAL(I had never seen such a positive and motivating person like her, at each & every step she is with me), My Sisters and four friends are also always there with me in this journey; right from the beginning.

INTERVIEW (conversation between me and interview panel of 3 people Praveen Nahar sir,Rengarajan Balaji sir and one more but I don’t know the name)

Before proceeding I would like to say that this interview going to be very long if I write it in detail as this interview is of 40 to 45 min.

Here I will try to describe it in short hope you guys would like this. So.....when I entered into the hall with my clay model boxes and portfolio folder in my hand a panel of 3 people were seating there.
Me- May I come in sirs.
Panel-welcome....dipak good afternoon (with smile)
Me- Good Afternoon sirs.
Panel-so dipak you have ....brought clay models with you.
Me-yes sir two cars.
Panel- ohh nice keep that boxes on table and take out your cars but
before that just give your portfolio folder to us.
Me- yes sir (The panel was very nice,polite,free and cool)
Panel-Nice work dipak do u know the scales of this models.
Me- yes sir it is 1:18
Panel-okay and what is there in that small box dipak.
Me-sir it is a soap car model (and I handover to them).

Panel-ohh really dipak it is made up of soap (with smile) (ALL the 3 were watching it one by one and take its smell which is very nice,intentionally I had used Cinthol soap for this purpose and did not paint the bottom portion of soap were Cinthol name is engraved)
Me-yes sir (They love that soap work and clay models)
Panel-Nice work dipak (me -thank u )
Panel (sir Rengarajan balaji)-opens my portfolio folder first (and asked me so...... NID is your dream dipak (as I had mention this in my About me section and also there is my pic with Bugatti Chiron
clay model)
Me-yes sir
Sir Rengarajan balaji- okay....where is this Chiron dipak(with smile)....
Me-sir,it is in home because it is heavy than this models and size is also big one so I didn’t brought this car.
Sir-okay okay......no problem.
Panel- Dipak just sketch that red car on this paper as much as you can sketch in 2 min (they were talking about red concept ED sports car for Tata motors which I added in my portfolio)(they gave me the paper and pencil).

(After that they asked some questions on my project of safari van and also other questions like.....why you had used this things as a inspiration in your project? from where u learn clay modelling? sketching? which clay u used for this model? Is this is your first attempt? how you came to know about NID entrance? which colors u used for clay modelling? what you want to do what is your dream after completing two and half year of M.Des? what is your engineering project? which markers you had used its name,numbers? what is the name of this car,country (i.e they were talking about one
car from marker rendering section Volvo s90),what do you think about your sketching? which is your favorite car, SUV? DIPAK explain your CONCEPT compact SUV (i.e ORANGE RASANZ) CLAY
MODELING PROCESS? what is the use of sharp lines on its side panels? And many more questions.

 After a long question answering list on my portfolio,clay models,sketches......... interview ends at the last they asked me how was your studio test dipak I replied it is good sir (replied with smile) panel-okay nice(with smile)good luck dipak ...good luck dipak good luck dipak.....thank u sir (I keep my cars inside the box and leave the hall) (but guys really I enjoy lot the overall process of interview without any pressure, panel was really very nice and cool).

So finally results are out I got OBC AIR-7 with wait-list no-1 but after a long wait of one and half month I got confirmation mail from NID.....so now admission process is going on....and session is going to start from 9th July 2018.......MOST AWAITED DREAM COME TRUE @NID #AUTOMOTIVE DESIGNER #TAD

According to me From this journey things I came to know,that one must have keen passion about his/her work so that your work speaks itself and how curious,dedicated you are about your work,about design this are the some key elements for which panel is looking for in an aspirant/candidate.so stay passionate stay Alive...love your work and chase your DREAM never give up at any stage up downs are the part of life but by this phases you will become more and more

There is lot more to write but I don’t want to bored you all. I tried to mention each and everything here as much as I can........hope you all enjoy this journey with me chasing my DREAM @NID below are the some work from my portfolio,clay models and sketches.

Feel free to contact me if you want any help regarding preparation and other stuff.



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