June 08, 2015

Success Story : Kavya Gandhe (NID PD and IISc)

Hi Design Aspirants,

I m Kavya.  I am a Mechanical Engineer from BITS with a goal of becoming a good designer. I have prepared for CEED and NID. Didn’t get through the first time but successfully got into both IISC Banglore and NID Ahmedabad both for Product Design for the second attempt.

So first point, believe in yourself and don’t lose hope. I prepared while I was working at FMC technologies. So this preparation doesn’t need much time. Two hours a day is enough for this. I am not much of a writing person, so I’ll make this short.

For CEED part A/ NID paper one:
For the general knowledge browse as much as possible on the net. Google maatha is always there. Keep a separate notebook or a folder in the computer for this. Better to have them along with their pictures.  List of
Musical instruments
Indian designers
Famous paintings
Art forms
Automobile designers
Graphical designers
Authors and books
Dance forms
Indian animated movies
Colour theory
Government symbols/logos
Printing types
Prototype types
Animal skin texture
Golden proportion/ ratio
Manufacturing processes
Some analytical thinking

CEED Part B: Then for the drawing part, daily practice is very helpful. Rough sketching of daily life objects increases your observation and drawing skills. First practice drawing objects, then hands, then human body and go to Perspective drawing and sequences drawing. Sequences like:
Making of coffee/tea
Making of paper boat
Making of paper kite
Washing of clothes
Hosting a flag …..
Perspective drawing of:
Bus stop
Railway station
Cricket stadium
Public mela
Traffic jam
Rainy day
For the portfolio keep your best 10 or 15 works in them. Take your other work too, in case the interviewers have time for them too. Keep your best first. Make sure your portfolio is unique. I made my products to make it unique. You can use simple stationery and hardware like aluminium sheet, wires and so on for that. Drawing your concept is completely different from making it. As it needs more thinking, patience, interest and hard work, the interviewer gets more impressed.
Give your interview in a happy tone. Express them how much interest you have in design. I recommend you to apply for only one branch for an institute. Or else you will get stupid questions like: Why did you choose the other branch? Or Which branch interests you more? I had to encounter this situation at IDC Bombay when I gave interview for both Industrial Design and Transportation Design. So to avoid all these, Choose one and be confident about it and do the interview well.

All the best. And best of luck too.


mithra swagath said...
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Arjun P said...

soo good...it is the best one in blog...hatts off.any way your capsule is helping me learn well...

suyog said...

what was the actual reason to defer NID offer?? money??

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