June 07, 2017

Success story of Annu Verma (IIT-B IDC, Interaction Design)

What's up friends ! My name is Annu Verma, I am a graduate in ECE and will be studying Interaction design at IDC (2017-2019). I am here to share my experience with the entire design school selection process.

Brief About Me :-

1. I worked as a web application developer for three years and the only part I enjoyed was UI/UX , although I did not suck that bad at coding.

2. CEED came across a rescue to my monotonous existence in Jan 2017 and luckily I stumbled upon this wonderful blog. I would like to thank Prasanna sir for giving me a chance to share my experience

Additional :- I make handmade cards and few YouTube videos in my spare time.

About CEED :-

I agree with everyone when they say, this can be the only blog that you will need in order to get a good score in CEED. Clearly the exam does not test your fine art abilities, of course it is always better to get the proportion right but you can wonders if you got the right solution approach. Whatever you draw, just remember two important factors "User Experience" and "Feasibility". Studying in IIT was always my dream so I applied for IISC, IDC and IIT D. I had no clue I could apply for NID, I missed it. :(

IISC, Bangalore :-

1. If you happen to live in north , I would suggest you pre book your tickets to Bangalore. It is incredibly expensive at the last moment. Also, the accommodation.

2. My DAT went hideous, I had no time to prepare for it despite of knowing what all I had to study. There were engineering questions in first section, I only attempted maths set, the coding problem and completely screwed up the question on output voltage (Yeah, I know ! despite being an EC graduate). I would suggest that you brush up your engineering basics, as they had questions from every stream. I think if you made it this far you could do okay in spatial ability and Design awareness ability.

3. Interview - 10 Mins ! Possibly the shortest interview ever. The biggest mistake I did was to not carry a portfolio, they did not stress on asking for portfolio but I am sure it would have made my interview experience a little less dreadful. Guys ! No matter what Always, Always carry a portfolio. Even if it has 10 pages of your drawings. Moving on, the hardest question I had to face was why design ? If you do not have a design background, prepare for this question. The other question was If I were to use GPS in one of the things kept on the table, which one would it be? (Put your answers in the comment box). In the end they asked me to design a remote from scratch and as I told you I am the most useless EC graduate, I embarrassed myself.


1. I applied for Industrial design and Interaction design and got call letters for both the streams. The application form itself was very interesting, It actually helped me a lot in understanding the possibilities of design. Just be creative with your words and work.

2. Product Design DAT - Horrible ! Horrible ! Horrible ! Material handling - Guess what ? I was late to the test and my model had thumb prints all over. Just to mention, I am kind of allergic to fevicol. It was very embarrassing to walk along those master creators with their clean models by your side. Practice, Practice and Practice with paper. Make boxes, vehicles , everything that you can think of.

3. Interaction Design DAT - I strongly Believe that I nailed it :D . There were no limitations on technology and I made a story board too. I had one of the instructor over my head while I was drawing :D

4. Interviews :- I appeared for interaction first, two panelists were there asked me If I can convert a Photoshop UI to working HTML/CSS (yes, I can) , asked me some basic color codes in hex. This time I had my portfolio consisting of few artworks. Gave the file to one of the panelist and the box full of cards to other. There were questions on how do I chose colors and how do I edit my videos. Later, they snapped out of it and asked me why is interaction my second choice. I tried to hide my design illiteracy with some random answer, They got really angry when I could not name the courses that they will be teaching so he moved on to GK. Shockingly, I knew the answers. I wish I stayed confident though. He asked me to come back for one more round at 1630 hrs to meet the other panel for the same course. I loved the second panel, they were very appreciative and kept saying "nice";. They had to repeat twice asking me to leave, guess I got too comfortable. :D

For Product design, there were 6 panelists. It was an interesting discussion but somehow I felt that I am coming out as little arrogant. It was too late till I realized. Stay humble friends ! Those people are the masters.

IIT Delhi:

1. DAT was divided into two parts - First one was to design a tablet cover for two different women which could be interchanged , made up side down and it won't change the design much. The second was to make a model of a vehicle for workers with no arms.

2. Interview - I had fun before the interview, got to interact with lot of seniors. I wished I had talked to them before, to get this clarity. In Interview they asked me to draw a bottle cover for a water bottle, I asked the users would be ? (I realized what an idiotic question. :D ) but after the look of utter disappointment, they said design it for children and I drew a quick doodle. meanwhile they were looking at my cards and my videos and also made fun of kaala chasma video :( but I did not give up and stayed positive and confident. I guess that worked or may be the fact that I could code.

I am sorry if this got too long ! Sharing some links here related to my work. I wish you guys all the success for your exams and preparations.

Instagram username :- creative_chhori

Facebook Page :- https://www.facebook.com/creativechhori/

Youtube Link :-https:/www.youtube.com/channel/UCzfmqpwP3y4j_FjXFrTqLRQ


Manasvini Ganesh said...

Hey so for studio test for interaction design, what did they ask you to do ? And for IITs and IISc CEED is the only exam right? I mean you have mentioned you gave individual DATs for every institute. I am sorry I don't have much knowledge in this :-P

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Manasvini,

The studio test of IxD is based on specific questions for that course. Sometimes they ask you to design apps, websites or physical interactions like alarm clock to remind an old person to take medicine on time.

IITK and IISc also accept GATE score for admissions to MDes. Though, every institute has it's own DAT and interview and that too only if you are invited to apply.

You can see the process here

All the best.

Annu Verma said...

For this specific studio test, we were asked to design an assistive technology for the blinds so that they are able to cross the road without being dependent on anyone else.
We could consider any technology that is present in the market today. It helps if you are technically informed. No, you don't have to go and read the books over it but a little knowledge on fucntioning and usage can help a lot .
For example, it would be a great help if you understood how NFC worked , if GPS is great for tracking what all I should track, how do gestures work etc.

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