August 12, 2012

Sourabh Pateriya - Interaction Design, IDC, IIT BOMBAY (2012-2014)

Dear friends,
Saurabh, a regular reader of this blog has shared his amazing story with us! From his days at TCS to his journey to prestigious IDC. Congratulations, Saurabh and thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us

Sourabh Pateriya
Interaction Design, IDC, IIT BOMBAY (2012-2014)

Hey everyone,

So, you are also one of them who are continuously coming to this blog to check something about CEED ? Well, I was also like you all an year before. As pattern of CEED is changing time to time, and it's very volatile, I'm going to tell you my experiences.

Well, I've done BE in Information Technology from Jabalpur Engineering College. After that I worked in TCS for 8 months. Now, i am in 1st year Interaction Design, IDC IITB.

You all must be aware of the various phases, if not check previous articles.
In short, 1. Clear CEED, 2. Give institute's studio test, 3. Interview and portfolio showcase. Some weightage is given to each phase, and final result is based on that.

I applied for 3 specializations, i am writing them preference wise(H to L); Interaction Design, Animation, Mobility and Vehicle Designing.

After clearing CEED, we were required to fill online forms, ad some tasks were given. We had to send our answers by post. I was living in Powai only, so submitted my sheets at 5:30 last day (It was open til 6 :P)

100 eligible students were called for each discipline. I was called for all the 3 disciplines I applied for. Means, I was supposed to give 3 different studio tests and interviews.

Phewww, that was hectic, but I somehow kept my cool. All the 3 written/studio tests were just after each other with no break. I also gave 3 seperate interviews for each discipline. To be honest, I wanted to get into Interaction Design only, rest 2 were chosen to increase my chances of getting in, because when u r in IDC, you are free to learn anything. I took hard and soft copies of my portfolio. It had logos, posters, photoshop works, short animation clip of 20 secs, my music compositions, vehicle concepts, digital paintings, free hand sketches, IxD ideas and concepts, working game and softwares developed by me. I gave a short presentations of around 3 minutes to the panel. And after that they asked different questions, had cross questions on how you made this, which all tools you used, why only that, future of your discipline, how can you be a good designer etc.

Finally after those 100, 13 were in, and I was lucky enough to get selected. :)

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Thanks a lot everyone for reading this !

All the best for your future :D

Sourabh Pateriya

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chetanyadav said...

thank you for sharing :)

woyzeck said...

this is an amazing blog! fortunate am i, to have discovered it at the right time!

i would be appearing for my first attempt at CEED this november :)

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Welcome to this blog woyzeck :)

woyzeck said...

thank you Prasanna!
i expect i would follow your blog ardently in the coming months :)

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Sure woyzeck... tell me how it goes :)

ganesh said...

are there any tips for animation portfolio with examples

UMESH16 said...

Thank u Very much sourabh for giving wonderful info...

achal chauhan said...

this is really very helpful blog ...

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