August 02, 2012

Interaction Design Association (IxDA) meet at NID

IxDA Student Chapter is a collegiate of students, working under the mentorship of the IxDA Community started at the National Institute of Design, Research & Development Campus, Bangalore. It enables meet ups for students and industry professionals to interact and share experiences as learners of Interaction Design and Practitioners.

One of many such events is the IxDA Bangalore Chapter Meet, scheduled on the 4th of August at NID, R&D Campus, Bangalore. Theme for the same, is Experience Design for Public Spaces. India is a country which celebrates both, vast natural spaces and the cramped living spaces. Public Spaces in India, therefore, become home to a lot of social interaction. These spaces change colors everyday, and are used in myriad ways. The attention is on these spaces and to see how design and technology can come together to re-create multi-faceted experiences.

The meet includes industry professionals like Sudhindra V (Regional Coordinator - Asia - IxDA, Lead, Experience Design - Sapient Nitro), Archana Prasad (Co-Founder, Jaaga : Public Hacker Space) and Shridhar Pabbisetty (COO - Center for Public Policy, IIM Bangalore). The meet also focuses on a Design Challenge - Design for Play for Public Spaces of tomorrow. Where student teams get to redesign public space experiences by making them more playful.This could be in the form of a product, a service or a system to enhance the space.

Interaction Design Association (IxDA) is a global network dedicated to the professional practice of Interaction Design. With over 20,000 members over 120 local groups around the world, the IxDA network intends to improve the human conditions by advancing the discipline of Interaction Design in order to tackle the increasing challenges when it comes to poor experiences.

Find out more about the event at the Facebook event page:

Looking forward to a great day of discussions.


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