June 11, 2015

Success Story : Sagar Kathrani (MIT PD)


Hello friends
Sagar kathrani here,
An amateur artists, very amateur mechanical  engineer  :p .I always had  a mixture of engineering  and  art in my mind which  has made  me a design aspirant.
Designing is the only thing I love to learn and enjoy. Scribbling works , design of isometric views  and  sketching  them  out  freehand ,I like all  this stuff.
Engineering was never  my cup of  tea ,   with  many kt' s and all :p
but this failure taught me a lot and made me stronger.
And I strongly believed what my brothers used to say always  ,"where there is a will, there is a way!"
Simple  thought  but  countless  impact !.          

From  where  you  came to know  about design  entrance  exams?

 I  had   kept a painting  exhibition in  my college during  my second  year of  engineering.
Visitors   appreciated  my work and chief guest  told  me  give ceed  exam!   I searched  about  ceed and  other  entrance  exam s and  luckily found a ceed  group on facebook   guided  by Prassana  sir and Bhanu  chander sir  ,their  blogs are enough  to give a complete idea  about  design  exams and  preparation tips  along  with  portfolio preparation and   interviews.

CEED and NID 2015

I started practice of  sketching daily life products and studied about the materials ,manufacturing
process  along with its purpose and aesthetics.
 I highly focused on sketching which is not required actually.
Concept and  ideas are more  important. Sketching  is  just a tool  to convey  your  ideas.
My part b  was  very  nice , attempted  all questions nicely but I didn't  clear  part  A, so part B was  just  a  waste for  me.
This  time  NID  paper  was  simple but  tricky , Scored 59 but didn't qualified for product design.

MIT 2015

Luckily  cleared  DAT and  got  shortlist for studio test and interview. This year around 140 people were  shortlisted  and  it  made  me  nervous because of  less no. Of  seats and  more applicants.

Studio test
We  were  ask two questions
1. To  sketch  a  vacuum  cleaner  with  two views , along  with  dimension s ,material  and manufacturing  process
2. Make  something  creative  using a  A4 size  paper.
I  made  a lamp  shade (u  can  see  in my folio)

It  was  my  1st  interview  was damn  nervous!  And also a  last  chance to get into design school.
 Interview  Panel was great!  They asked  about  my  engineering   and why  you  want to  get  into  designing.
My  product  design  work  added  in  folio  were  the  ideas  I got  in  real  life observation  and incidents  which  made  them  impressive.[multi-angled  umbrella and foldable stretcher].
Originality   and  amateur  work  was  my  key  which  worked out.

They  want  someone  they can  mould  into good designers. so keep your  cup empty , also prepare  your  portfolio carefully. I also made  a  mock  up model  of  foldable stretcher , was  inappropriate, but that  showed  a passion and  interest   in  learning  more about  product design , they also asked my b.e  project ,  how  did I fabricated. it, materials , manufacturing  process  and  purpose of  it.

Along with product design work I added a huge collection of other design work as paintings ,rendering, logo design , poster design , shirt painting ,photography ,doodle diary  etc.  It showed the  versatility  in  using  various  mediums.
Overall  all  went  great and  finally got  selected  at  MIT. Thanks a ton to my parents and friends who   helped  me  always to  get  through. And a big  thanks  to IIN. :p
All the best to all design  aspirants .Good luck!



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