May 07, 2014

Success story : Anumeha Rai (IISc)

Hello everyone!

I got through IISc Bangalore – M.Des Product Design and Engineering (2014-2016). I have completed my Production and Industrial Engineering this year itself. While I was doing my bachelors, I found out about CEEDàTeacup Blogà eventually got in touch with Prasanna Sir and Trivikram and several other ceed aspirants. Bugging the two people mentioned above is actually fruitful, trust me. ;)

(A)   CEED Written Test:
As we all know it consists of two parts, part-a and part-b.
Part – A – It is basically general awareness, and I would suggest making internet your best friend for this one. Whenever you have some spare time search information related to monuments, paintings, dances, music, designers, architects, directors, authors, current affairs (all this related to India only)  manufacturing processes, materials, photography, different types of views (isometric etc.), typography, color theory etc.
I first made a list of all the possible topics that could be asked in Part –A and started looking them up one by one and simultaneously collected the information (not very elaborately but in bullets format, so that its always easy to look it up as and when needed). This had helped me a lot.
The other thing which I shouldn’t have done was, I attempted more questions than I was sure of. For this particular part you are allotted 1 hour, and the portion which you’ll know thoroughly will get over in about 20min and the rest of the 40min might actually prove dangerous as in the remaining time we start attempting questions which might affect the result adversely. So be careful about that.
Part – B – This part needs thorough sketching practice, quick idea generation and imagination. Its always advisable to streamline the branch you want to opt further, in attempting the design question in this particular part and practice accordingly. And make sure, even if you answer the most general question of sketching in this section (eg. perspective drawing), your answer should not be run of the mill. It should be different; this shows your thought process within that time frame.

(B)   DAT at IISc:
This was divided into three parts.
The first consisted of very general aptitude questions, the second part consisted of technical questions which were basic engg problems. In the technical section there were 11 questions out of which we were asked to attempt only 5. There were 2 ques from mathematics (probability and calculus), 2 ques from strength of materials (UDL and trusses), 1 from basic chemical engg, 1 from electrical, 1 from basic kinematics (speed v/s time graph), 1 from fluid mechanics, 1 from basic thermodynamics etc. The third part consisted of design questions. In this they check your ability from designing a product from scratch, manufacturing it, judging it whether certain product is feasible or not. They also test your material knowledge.

The whole credit goes to Prasanna Sir. He helped me make my portfolio from scratch. The one important thing I learnt in the process is that the more basic problems you try to solve in your portfolio the better. Make sure your portfolio includes variety. That means it must include some hand sketches, cad models, prototypes etc. It must indicate the depth of your understanding of the problem, aesthetics, feasibility etc. And the most important thing which I learnt after my interview at IISc was that, portfolio should be as self explanatory as possible, because the panel won’t give you a chance to explain, what you have done in your portfolio. So be simple and be clear.

The panel just wants to test your basic understanding of things around you. They do not expect the exact right answer but they observe your thought process behind it, the way you try to reach to an answer. And they don’t give a chance to explain what all you have included in your portfolio, they take a look at it themselves, and do ask questions randomly. So you must know what you have made in and out, whether it will be practically feasible or not. Be ready for questions like, why it has not been made till date etc. And always just have valid reason for whatever you answer.

And it goes without saying that credit for my selection goes solely to Prasanna Sir, Trivikram, Amlaan and Bhavik (cheering me up always).

So all the best to all the aspirants. Keep chasing your dream!


Selected works from her portfolio:


minu said...

loved your cell phone design...see you at iisc...

Bhavik Grover said...

well you deserve it...cheering was a lil part was ur hardwork :)

anumeha rai said...

thank you minu :)
and howcome modesty crept in! :P but thanks bhavik :)

Ankit Singh said...

Determined....hard work....deserve got it....!!

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vaisakh pradeep said...

Thanks a lot for your story and the teacup blog. I've secured admission for product design and engineering at cpdm iisc.....:)

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi vaisakh.
Congratulations for securing admission to CPDM IISc :D
It will be useful to others if you contribute your story to this blog. If Amlan's story helped you, your story will help others as well!
All the best for your course!

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