May 21, 2014

Richa Arora (GD at MIT ID)

Richa Arora made it through ID at MIT, Pune. Here is her success story

Hi everyone, m Richa Arora. I hv got selected in MIT ID , Pune. And right now i am in train ... When m writing this success story of mine.
First of all thank you Prasanna , for asking me to write my experience. Feeling honoured! :)

My story is for those who could not make it to IITs n NID like me!

i started my preparation for entrance exams in Sept 2013. I joined brds coaching classes.. There i was introduced to d pattern of nid , ceed exam.
Besides d classes, i was doing diploma in fine arts .
I had written three design exams: IIT ceed, NID and MIT id.  I did not get through IIT and NID, where many of friends did... So i was little sad. But then i cleared MIT, which gave me a ray of hope .
Then i started making my portfolio. Because of diploma in fine arts i had good collection of hand sketches (all mediums) but i did not have anything related to graphics . So i learned Adobe ILLUSTRATOR in those few days by watching tutorials on youtube, and made a decent portfolio on d software which was related to graphics(print ads, storyboards, book cover design etc.) 

MIT Pune DAT :
In studio test , i was asked to design a poster on the tourism of my state, along with the logo of the state...
At tht point i was really nervous and according to me, my poster was not good enough! So somewhere i had this feeling that m not gonna make it today.

MIT Pune, Interview:
Then i was called for interview . i took a deep breath n decided that whatever the result may be, i will give my best in interview.. So this is how i overcame my negative feelings and insecurity, fear, etc.
Luckily, in interview there were all male teachers. I felt lucky, because i find that lady teachers are often a little arrogant. In interview, it was all about knowing me! Thy wanted to know how passionate i am for the course.
Thy were impressed by three things:

  • My passion
  • My hand work
  • And my cheerfulness.

So when i came out , i was full of positive energy.. and very happy. Because i knew that i rocked up the interview, i was not scared of result . I was very confident throughout my interview.. 

I forgot to tell u one funny thing and that is, my hand work was quite awesome and poster that i had designed in studio test was really pathetic ! So they were doubtful that whether those drawings were made by me or not... So i told them that i was really nervous that time... and they understood and asked me to draw thing in front of them. I sketched a portrait of one of those sir . To which another sir said "m i not good looking enough that u did not chose me for portrait?" ... N we all burst out into a laugh.
Over all my interview was not about technical things just the random one... Like they even asked me who is my favorite in tom n jerry show.. Haha!! 

A Word of advice:
My tip for all candidates who will appear next year is that "Be Yourself" at the time of interview, if u r positive enough you will find a way even if u don't make it to the IITs and NID ... 

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Ashika Gupta said...

hello I am ashika and I am a UI/UX design aspirant as I was very late to decide upon my career choice after B.Tech in cse I couldn't apply for CEED and NID hence the only hope left for me is to get into the UX post graduate course at MIT ID, as I am not a design student I need help with the resources to prepare for the basic design aptitude test and it would be great if somebody could also guide me with the specialization section in User Experience and the portfolio.........ill be waiting for a response

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Ashika ,
Since portfolio is quite person dependant, can you email me, so that we can discuss what is the best way to go about your portfolio given your skills
All the best


Hi i am shreya and i am a graphic design aspirant.. I have applied for M.des in MIT ... I read this article and i need some advice related to admissions preparation and for furthur rounds.. pls reply asap..

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Shreya,
Admission to MITID is 2 step process:
Step 1: Clear MITID DAT
Step 2: Studio test and interview.
If you have appeared for CEED or NID DAT, you would have already prepared for the 1st step, if not, you will need prep.
For interviews you will need to present your ability in porblem solving and creativity. for this you need to show a portfolio.
I can guide you in detail over emails
All the best :)

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