May 16, 2015

Success Story : Bhavik Grover (PD at IDC IIT-B)

 I am actually re-writing this blog, we all get a chance to correct ourselves,we should use that chance worthly.

I had been through many failures in life, failures happens because of two reasons mainly, one is because of your own mistake,that you commit at end point because of lack of self confidence or something, second is you don't have trust on yourself, Because you might not had put enough of efforts to have that self confidence.

Similarily i had commited many mistakes or left my work because of giving up situations, which
added those failures into my life, Such as rejection from number of interviews in degree college,or might be failure of design of the vehicle which i made for national level competitions and even expulsion
from a software company after working their for two months. One thing which was common in all was "LACK OF PURPOSE". I haven't ever stopped and asked myself a question that why i was doing that, i just wanted those things because of sake of wanting them.

Until and unless you have "Purpose to live" that is "DESIRE to learn" and do whatever your heart is
telling you to do, and giving the best of effort that you can imagine to put, one just can't get rid of failures

The day i realised the mistake which i was doing all over again, was my birthday and i was listening
to session "UNSTOPPABLE-by Sandeep Maheshwari".(YOUTUBE him,He's the reason for all this change)
I left my third job that day and made my mind prepared for very clear aim, that i want to
follow my passion, that is product designing.

I sat at home ignoring the thoughts that what will people say, I started preparing for ceed, I was a self evaluator earlier then later asked for people's feedback to know what all mistakes i was doing, i youtubed most of lessons like basic sketching perspective, i trained myself for good representation of ideas. But here also a difference which most of people don't realize, The ideas  you get are outcome of your daily basis learning, so if you are really passionate about anything, go crazy about it, make stuff, open electronic products, draw paintings, do whatever you feel like doing, because that only increase the level of ideation.

I solved previous question papers, but not just for solving, I solved just product design questions
 but five times each question,everytime i had different approach, which helped me in increasing my speed and to tackle question, I prepared for part-a, made a list of categories of questions which came
in exam, got more relevant questions and learnt somehow, but don't leave your effort just to that
,Do much more than i did,Because i just cleared part -a by one mark, and even do sketching like anything ,learn perspective drawing like a pro, ideation will be part of your daily learning, but be sensible with ideation also. Rest everything will fall in place.

I had put much of efforts and cleared Ceed, with AIR 30, then came period for portfolio preperation
I had made considerable number of projects during my engineering,that all were products and nicely
made in CAD, I made few more basic product concepts ,solving some basic problems of daily life,did the ideation, Cad modeling and made posters and put together in my portfolio, With all this effort i had developed confidence which i believe is reason of my success.

Don't hesitate from getting failed,try,get failed,learn from it,stand up again, do it again and then conquer.

But its just not about clearing CEED or getting admission, once you understand the Purpose of living,
and you have your desire clear, for which you will be ready to do anything. You will get though any problem in life.

Choose your way of living! Either let it be as it is going, or Stand up and change it.

My portfolio:

Recommendation: Channel on youtube: Sandeep maheshwari


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Hey Bhavik

It woul dreally help if you share your DAT and interview experience at IDC-IITB.

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