May 04, 2013

Success Story : Joshua Mathew

A brief background:
Hey! Joshua Mathew here, and well I’d like to share my experience with you all! First up I’m in my final year (right now that is) Aeronautical Engg. I’ve always wanted to contribute to the creative field ever since I was little, the only mistake being that I thought “engineering” was the only way to it! My ignorance made me over look NID for my bachelors and I took Aeronautical engineering: not because I liked missiles and airplanes but mainly because I was intrigued by darts, Frisbees, boomerangs and paperplanes! Practical aerodynamics one might say! After a late enlightenment about the “Common Entrance Exam for Design” I luckily came across a family friend, an Industrial Designer who had completed his Masters in Design from IIT Delhi, incidentally his brother is also an alumnus from CPDM IISC Bangalore.  He suggested I look for blogs online which is when I came across TeaCup Blog.

How I prepared:
I must say, I read through every article here sometimes twice even! I even sent Prasanna a few sketches (very pathetic ones) based on previous year question papers. But I was lazy. I used to practice plain old lines and perspective boxes randomly for hours! In the class room! During lectures! All/Most of the pen sketches in my portfolio were done on exam question papers in college! During Exams! This was all the practice I got. I highly recommend setting apart time properly to practice sketching. Because all this led to stress at the last minute during and before the exam; I could hardly finish the paper (just in the nick of time) and I didn’t sketch even half as properly as I usually did. I gave up hope and decided on preparing properly for next year.
                When the results were out I couldn’t believe I got through! I was immersed in my final year project work! I realized that I had to work on a “portfolio” so I got to work. I used the sketches as reference and made 3d iterations of my designs using Rhino. I bundled them all together and that was my portfolio! I sketched random vehicles(some look funny, I know) all from a single source of inspiration, as sort of a design practice. 

Tests and interview at IDC, IIT Bombay:
The MD test at IDC were just like the CEED exam i.e., modeling a cube with the given dimensions, sketching an auto rickshaw and designing a tricycle for kids! The interview is the tricky bit. As emphasized on numerous occasions they look for your focus! I was surprised as they asked me aerodynamics related questions! Because I told them my area of interest was aerodynamic aesthetics! They asked me questions related to the effect of the coefficient of drag on automobiles, the design of a solar aircraft, and also current affairs! Only 7-8 got selected and by God’s grace I was one of them!
The only piece of advice I’d share is be honest and brave. They’ll catch you if you’re lying. Show your passion for the field as creatively as possible. Read a lot of magazines and stay updated with the latest trends. Know your positives and your future ultimately depends on your answer to this question I’m sure you’ll be asked: “why you want to study this course here at IDC?”   

All the best advice/methods etc. is all here in this blog! All you have to do is practice sincerely! Success will follow. 

All the best for your future! Good Luck!



Robert Whitworth said...

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Atul Singh said...

Sir, may i ask what exactly did you answered for “why you want to study this course here at IDC?”
and i am asking this coz i am extremely shy and butterfly stomached in facing interviews , and not to mention the high pulse rate and etc etc , so just wanted to figure out , what did the saw in you

Ravi Siddharth said...

what softwares are to be used for the profile preparation???

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