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Want to see your story read by thousands of design aspirants?
TeaCupBlog is a growing platform where people help each other by sharing their experiences.

It's alright even if you not been selected for any institute. Your voice matters! 

It's very simple to publish.

Step 1: Compose your story in Microsoft Word.
Step 2: Mail this story to me at
Step 3: I will publish this story on your behalf!

Points you can include:
  1.  How you began your preparations.
  2. What books/blogs/people you followed.
  3. How did you prepare for CEED/NID entrance
  4. What was your experience in the exam.
  5. How were the results.
  6. Why you chose the particular institute you applied for.
  7. How you prepared for the studio test and how you attempted it.
  8. How was your interview.
  9. Any specific points you found difficult to answer.
  10. Your results.
  11. Any sample portfolio images.
I promise...
  1. You can ask me keep your story anonymous. I wont ever reveal your name under any form of torture :P
  2.  If you ever want to change the story or unpublish it, I will honour your request and take actions (mostly) is about 24 hours or lesser!
  3. I wont reveal, your personal details or portfolio contents or the discussion you had with me in person or over the emails, to anyone.
I might...
  1. Change the style of your writing a bit for keeping in standards of TeaCupBlog.
  2. Not publish some of the content which might compromise the reputation of the institute, people or reveal any unwanted details.
  3. Not publish every portfolio image you sent so that your work would not be stolen in it's entirety.


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