March 16, 2017

Gayatri Chudekar (Shristi - Information Arts)

I have read success stories on teacup blog..and they were inspiring. All those stories are of those people who got into iit or Nid..I missed you really want my story in success stories?😂

Internship helps!
Anyway what helped me is Prasanna's timely guidance. I took his advice and found an internship and that helped me to see and learn from actual projects and working for the client.

Design habits
There weren't any particular habits i followed...I did general sketching, objects and human figures ...I still think my sketching is average though. Then i solved past year questions papers. Srishti paper was based on sketching type of questions unlike NIDs or IITs which has MCQs.  Doodling helped for such kind of questions. 

About interview
I remembered Prasanna's last minute tips and that helped me in interview. Interview was mostly about how I think and about my work in Portfolio.

Presentation tips
For portfolio i had the work done but Prasanna's tips helped me in arranging and refining my work.I learnt that major part of work is the way it is presented.The idea of making  illustration book also helped in getting through.
Most importantly Prasanna helped in having the confidence in my work, goals and that helped me get through.

Thank you very much :)

Some pages from my portfolio:


Guru said...

Watch the best magic by using paper on

SRI KODURI said...

Hai to all? NID is my dream but I have a little bit lazy eye so I can not maintain proper eye cantact so can I get selected for NID

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Sri,
You can surely clear NID entrance, if you show enough design skills in the paper.

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