April 27, 2017

Balaprasanth S. experience of IISc DAT and interview

 I am Balaprasanth S, from Salem Tamilnadu, a graduate from BE civil engineering. I would like to share my experience with IISC DAT/Interview.

Date: 20.4.2017 Thursday

In call letter, they’d asked us to report the institute by 9 am. IISC CPDM is located near the security gate which is more like a stone building of hill station. We had visited the department before the test day evening and asked about the Lecture hall and process from the office. The office staff had responded in a very polite and cool manner. As I wasn’t shortlisted for IDC, I was very much depressed at that time. But, the artworks studio and officer of CPDM had changed my mood entirely. I just loved the whole atmosphere.

                The test/interview day. My name was allotted for Lecture hall 6 which is located just opposite to the CPDM. Stone pavement blocks guided to the test hall. Each’d sit in a desk and invigilator arrived 5 mins before the test time. The test started sharply at 9.30. The timing was from 9.30 to 12. DAT consisted of three sections.

Poor performance in any one of three section may lead to disqualification (mentioned in the question paper).

                Section 1: Technical ability. It consisted of 11 questions (1st question was compulsory (10 marks) and any five (5 marks each) to be attended from rest of 10 questions)
                1. Mathematics questions (compulsory one, they informed that we’ll be disqualified if we miss this question) 5x2=10 marks
                                a. Probability: conditional probability, P(b/a)=?, Given P(a/b)=0.3; P(a)=0.4; P(b)=0.5
                                b. Number series of 11 numbers: To find Mean and median
                                c. Matrix multiplication: (1x3) by (3x3)
                                d. Area of circle: Cow tied to eat grass has increased from 19m to 30m. Find the increased area of grazing. (pi = 22/7)
                                e. Graph coordinates: 4 coordinates and to find the shape from four options.
                2. To find cost of production. Given many tasks and paisa per minutes.
                3. Cantilever truss with two vertical loadings. We are asked to find every member forces. (>8 members)
                4. Given Kinetic energy and mass. To find force and acceleration.
                5. Mech question (Thermodynamics)
                6. Flow of liquids diagram. Vertical flow, intersection flow. Which requires minimum heat exchange.
                7. Arrange materials in ascending Young’s modulus. Steel, Copper, Lead and Aluminum
                8. Material property based question
                9. Mechanical calculation question
                10. Electronic circuit diagram. To find output and parameters.
                11. Program code for some process.

Section 2: Spatial ability. It consisted of 9 questions and all were compulsory (Drawing question was must one, they informed that we’ll be disqualified if we miss this question) each 5 marks.
                1. Odd one out: Square, Heart, Triangle, Rectangle, Pentagon
                     Answer with reason
                2. Odd one out: Square, Circle, Heart, Triangle, Pentagon
                     Answer with reason
                3. A hose with single line strip was given twisted. To find how it look when stretched. (4 options)
                4. Shadow of cylinder was given. To recast the shadow with a cuboid in front of it.
                5. Small Photo of ceramic jug was given. Big box to be filled with outline of the same. (must one)
                6. Small Photo of Banana and Big box with outline of the same were given. Outline to be shaded as in the photo. (must one)
                7. Grey shaded outline of house was given in two-point perspective. To be filled with Ventilator, Two doors and Two windows.
                8. Printed cube picture was given. To find the exact paper cutout from four options.
                9. Top view and front view were given (both were same: a square inside a square). To draw two possible solids in Isometric projections.

Section 3: Design awareness ability. It consisted of 5 questions and all were compulsory
                1. Five Materials given: Titanium alloy, Silicon rubber ,... Each one property with application to be answered.
                2. To give five comparisons between Induction stove and oven. Only function was to be cooked for many people. Finally, which one is best and why?
                3. Properties of Aerogel: invented by someone, nice feel to touch and have on hands, sounds like a glass hitting table when poured, particles are filled of air and lightweight. Select one household product and suggest with the properties of aerogel for two improvements. (not aerogel the material, but only its properties)
                4. Paper cups are being non-recyclable as it is coated with a layer of wax for preventing paper absorption. Suggest two novel concepts to overcome the issue with recyclable properties.
                5. Five products: Oculus rift, Nissan Trial X,. Give 5 specific features of any one.

Test was over by 12pm and we went to the CPDM department. There they asked us to wait for Interview slot announcement. Around 12.30, they had posted the interview slot announcement in the department notice board. It was scheduled from 1.30pm to 5.30pm (10mins for each candidate but it varied as it took 15 to 25 mins per candidate). Some students got interview slot scheduled for the next day forenoon (which was known at that time only. So, everyone to be prepared for staying two days)

My slot was on 4.20pm.

Interview was on 5.30pm.

First they asked why product design from civil engineering and what made me to come here. I explained my interests towards sketching and conceptual ideas. They asked if you are interested in sketching you might have gone for cartoon making right? I managed. The next 8 to 10 questions were continuously about civil engineering and what are my research interests and where i want to be placed. They asked my portfolio and viewed for 10 mins. One of the panel faculty asked me that whether the works in portfolio are done by me or someone else. I confidently said all those works are done by me with a pleasing smile. Finally, They'd asked about a sketch from my portfolio for why did i draw that. Overall it was started like why did i choose product design, irrelevant to the UG department. They'd continuously shot with the same question in around 10 different ways. It was an entirely different experience when compared with other candidates who'd got interviewed there. 


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