Some links that will help you improve in a short while:

  1. Human figures technique:
  2. Drawing people quickly in perspective :
  3. Easily sketch faces:
  4. Shading tips:
  5. Fast sketching:
  6. Object drawing and shading:

This site covers a bit of everything. Good for brushing up. (special thanks to Tania Biswas for pointing out)
Nice sketching basics covered here

 Lots of design book here (special thanks to Shreya Nim for pointing out)

BBC Design for life documentary here  Special thanks to Rohan Dinde for pointing it out
This series has moved to Vimeo (Thanks to Nilesh Hiremath for the heads-up):
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Nice example of cut-away view of an building here

There is an excellent video on sketching exploded views by one of my favorite designer Spencer Nugent here

Lesson on study of light and shade using pencil. Good tutorial here 

A lots of sketching techniques, mainly from architectural perspective here

You can do your final year project at IIT-B. This will give you good exposure to design. See the link here

Solution for spoon in a half filled glass here

Nice tutorial for drawing and shading here 

how to draw ellipses. Easy method here

Nice link to manufacturing processes here

Nice link. Experts explaining what design means. thanks to Rohan Dinde for pointing it out


  • NCERT book on Indian Geography 

    You are designing for India. You must know whom are you designing for! You shouold get help of this free and wonderful book on Indian geography 


    "Drawing made Easy" by Subodh Narvekar

    Sketching skills are crucial in CEED. Improve them by using this wonderful book. Even if you have never used a pencil in your life, this book will guide you to sketch well! 

    "The Design of Everyday Things" by Don Norman

    While not absolutely essential to CEED. This book will really get you into the designer groove! You will be able to think, act and feel like a designer, and your outlook to world will change forever :)




shivani said...

Hi prasanna i can not see the link It does not open.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

thanks for pointing out the broken link

ashrock said...

Hi shivani,go to this link, you would find various videos on rendering and sketch- .... ru preparing for nid or ceed?

shivani said...

hi ashrock...m preparing for bth..nd thanks for link

ashrock said...

Yw shivani, im also preparin for both...i had given nid exam before..n i missed by one seat..hope this year i get into it.. you can add me on fb here - ...all d best fr ceed

chetanyadav said...

wow that's too much...u have updated it :)

somanshu said...

I discovered your blog today !!! I am glad I found it !!

Jahnvi Mudgal said...

great blog!!
extremely helpful!!

Jahangeer Basha said...

Really great work prasanna sir, am reading this from past 2 months, this blog is only light for CEED aspirants,

GIRIDHAR said...

thank for your blog

Unknown said...

Hey Prasanna thanks a lot for your blog.. :) it has been of great help..great inspiration!! :)
Can u please link us to a good site which will help us answers questions regarding reflections from curved surfaces and also on tessellations?


sachin maurya said...

happy to see your blog.....thnk u

para void said...

thanks a lot for your blog :) great work

Tania said...

Hi, discovered your blog today. NID aspirant for 2016-17. Since I work 10 hours a day, it will be a little difficult for me to find time. Just needed a little inspiration. I'll be starting from scratch, preparation. So, please tell me I have enough time for preparing, right?!
Btw, great blog, great job. Thanks for this.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

I think i already replied you on gmail, didn't i?

Tania said...

You did on facebook. Thanks!
I already ordered the book you suggested by Subodh Narvekar.
Have started with the basics from

kalyani laddha said...

HI Sir
i m Sanjana from Nasik Just gave my 10 th exams
i have come across your blog
Actually i m very inclined to go for design course either product design or visual communication after my 12th
but i have so many questions in my mind like which college, how to crack entrance, how to go for it
can you help me please
please let me know
this is my mom's id
thank you

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Sanjana,The best colleges for bachelors in design are NID, and IITB, which has started BDes course recently. You will need to appear for an exam called UCEED. To know more about this, and get some of your doubts clarified, i suggest you to have a look at UCEED brochure and NID UG course brochure as well. Once you do this, you will be in position to understand the strategy for entrance exams
All the best :)

Neha Kr said...

hello sir
I'm a UCEED 2015 aspirant , can you please tell me how do I prepare for the exam ? UCEED exam is on 31 may .

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Neha,
Based on the sample question paper from IITB, it seems that the questions will be based upon the CEED syllabus
you may in a better position if you download CEED papers and study those before applying :)
I have not appeared for UCEED or NID UG before, therefore i dont think i can guide you much effectively :(
All the best!

jaseel said... would be nice addition.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Good point. Added

Unknown said...

hello sir, am jatin from nashik and i am diploma 2nd yr student...after completing my diploma i want to crack this (uceed) exam.... am interested in product design & vehicle design so, how i prepare myself for this exam ?

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Jatin,
I am sorry but i dont have much idea about UCEED :(

jatin gangurde said...


NID Cracker 2016 said...

Great piece of work by Mr. Prasanna Gadkari.
hope this comment will of some use to the designers.
Hlo aspirants
Here we provide study material for NID entrance exam.
If any one want to order than mail us at
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and Mr. Prasanna your mail from this blog isn't working.
Kindly check that.
Thank You.

Vaibhav Gupta said...

I am opting for uceed and dont know wat to do for section-B
I am pretty confident for A and C...
Section B is what i dont understand.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,
I have few queries regarding M.Des. I would like to drop you a mail. I am unable to find your Mail Id here. Can you share your mail id?

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

you can write to

Unknown said...

The best n only authentic source for all the information you need for CEED exam. Thanks.

Aagreet Sinha said...

The best n only authentic source for all the information you need for CEED exam. Thanks.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Thank you Aagreet :)

iqra said...

nice post

Recruitment Result said...

When will the CEED Syllabus for the upcoming Common Entrance Examination for Design will be going to announce.

GRS shoes said...

Great post...

harshit uprety said...

Hello Sir, you have given good resources and materials for CEED preparation. I want to ask u that is artistic shading helpful for CEED.

Unknown said...

Such a helpful blog. so grateful to you, please tell if there is any need to join a coaching institute for preparation of NID DAT and UCEED

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Yes Harshit, it's definitely helpful, but you wont really have enough time to do so. If you are really fast at this, try to solve a previous year CEED paper under timed conditions and see for yourself if you can manage it in the give time :)

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hey, thanks.
Glad you found it useful.
Honestly, if you read all the experiences shared on this forum, you will realize you can prepare all on your own and don't need any external coaching :)

Viki -the Random Room said...

Great work sir.
Check out this link for nid-dat solution 2019

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Great! thanks for sharing!

Sonal Jain said...
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