August 09, 2015

Success Story : Joni Mazumder (IITG)

Hi this is Joni Mazumder from Silchar,Assam.

I am from Engineering Background (Class of 2013), After completion of my graduation I was in IT industry for more than a year.

Why into Designing? ... Well that’s what I love and my passion (Simple)

This passion led me to appear for CEED 2014 (I skipped 2014 interviews because I wanted a year to explore more) And appeared in 2015 interview for IITG only because I wanted a beautiful campus where I can talk to my thoughts and create more creatively. And Got into IITG design Masters 2015 Batch.

Regarding CEED Examination---
PART A : I don't Prepared anything just got through it and if someone needs more info TeacupBlog has good info.
Part B : Here Practice is key. I took Couple of last year Questions to start with and then made a daily Habit to doodle every day to improve upon my drawing skills. While Preparing I always concentrated on fast sketching, Which again is key in exams. And Unique/good Idea generation is also important- For this I normally used to think about day to day problems and how I can change them with design.

My Rank in CEED 2014 as General was 192

Interview/DAT Exam at IITG:
Question was (SMELLY) to think of any situation where smell creates problem and by sketch illustrate how we can solve the problem.
 Well here I introduced the problem we face due to mosquito coils (Health issues related to it)
And gave a solution to use Natural local herb (having mosquito repelling property) instead of Mosquito coils.

Well when I entered the room I was somewhat shocked by watching a panel of around 10 to 12 Professors.  They asked me a lot of questions and I was busy with replies.
 I made a portfolio which only had Interaction design (As was only interested in Interaction Design) and a Sketchbook. They were more into my Sketchbook.
 Well at the end I had real Great Experience of sitting in a Design interview and was very different

TIP if you are coming for IITG interview-- do Projects mostly in sketches and put all your geart visual senses to create awesome designs and be confident.

Well Thankyou and best of luck!!!

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