April 30, 2014

Success story of Minu (M.Des, IISc)

I got through in iisc m des. your blog really helped.
was shortlisted through my gate score 892(AR) Any body who needs help with GATE architecture study materials or preparation there is a blog with notes i made during my preparation http://gateprep-architecture.blogspot.in/
. everybody who is shortlisted has to go through DAT and Interview. There were 106 people present for the DAT and interview. DAT part A was from 9: 30 am to 10: 45 am and Part B was from 10:45 to 12:00pm. Part A has some ceed part a like questions (missing pattern etc.) Then there were about 11 problems from which we had to answer 5. There were questions from kinematics, probability, electric circuits, torque, motor, fluid mechanics, to draw BM and SF diagram of beams etc). Part B had CEED part B like questions plus some questions on latest technology like Google glasses, 4G, new phone/car models etc.
Interview panel was quite friendly.Initially they asked me why i am changing my stream. They asked me basic questions about architecture which i think i answered well. then they asked me to name 3 badly designed products with reasoning, one well designed product...The low point in the interview was when they asked me about the CPDM department. i said they offered BDes which they did not offer. I was asked to provide a solution for improving the design of the professors eyeglasses, he did not like the process of changing lenses etc..i tried to come up with solutions for all questions. they just went through my portfolio..no questions asked... overall was a good experience...


Nikita Sharma said...

Awesome story, thanks for sharing. Best GATE class in pune is the keyword to my success. I searched it online and got ICE Gate institute.

Rocky said...

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