May 15, 2014

Success Story : Dileep M (IxD at IDC)

Dileep M, a regular reader of TeaCupBlog made it to IDC this year and would specialize in interaction design. We are grateful to him for sharing his success story. We are sure that this would inspire all of us.

I am Dileep M. I am a Computer engineer. I am curious about the web and mobile platforms and always wanted to design and develop for those platforms. And thus I found about CEED and NID. I wrote CEED 2014 and got shortlisted for IxD at IDC Mumbai. Teacup blog played a significant role in my preparation. I would like to share my experience with you all.

Since there is no syllabus, you have to utilize each second. The questions can come from anywhere – from architecture to engineering graphics. Make sure you read about –

  1. Famous monuments and architectures.
  2. Paintings ( cave art, tribal, traditional etc.)
  3. Music
  4. Brands ( logos, models for automobile etc.)
  5. Basic geometry ( perspective, some basic aptitude problems)
Keep reading everything about India.

No matter what, NEVER GAMBLE. Answer ONLY those that you are 200% sure, even it’s a few questions. Something is better than nothing.

Before promoting your works into the portfolio, you need to answer these first –
  • What? – Everything about your work – to the core. Its purpose, target audience, how is it different from the existing ones.
  • Why? – Why did you make this? (Never say “for fun”, “for a friend” … have a real reason).
  • How? –  The thought process behind the work. What thought led you to this masterpiece?

If you can justify your work on these questions, add to the portfolio. You can put self-motivated or freelance works, but NEVER create something for the sake of filling the file folder. If you think its really small, include your rough sketches and other creative works like model making etc. NEVER USE FILLERS.

Presentation matters the most. Portfolio comes only second. Be confident about what you say. After all its your work, nobody knows it better than you. Show some enthusiasm in presenting your work. How proud you are about your work (don’t create a feeling that you are already a designer). Show them that you are ready to learn. Even if you couldn’t answer their questions or they laugh at you, keep calm, smile, think and talk pleasantly. They maybe testing you. 

That’s pretty much it. Give a 15minute to each of your work, prepare well categorize them, arrange them and make a neat presentation.

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God speed to all.


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