June 16, 2017

Success story of Adarsh Raj Shah (IITG)

Hello, readers, my name is Adarsh Raj Shah, I am computer science graduate, batch 2016 and will be pursuing M.Des. (Interaction Design) at IIT Guwahati (2017-2019). Thanks to Prasanna Sir for providing me the opportunity to share my DAT/interview experience at IIT Guwahati.

About Me:

I worked as a full-stack developer at a Bangalore based startup. I quit my job after CEED 2017 as I was confident with my performance and wanted to work on my portfolio. It was my first attempt. I got a decent rank of AIR 134, score 51(general), I guess enough to get an interview call from all the institutes. Since my college days, my interest was into interaction design hence I had most of my work based on interaction design in my portfolio.

About CEED:

Will not talk about CEED much as the blog has enough material to get you through the process perfectly. Though I do have one tip out of my experience: you need to be quick in sketching, doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not. In the end, what matters is how clearly you can express your solution of the given problem, so start sketching from now. And solving previous question paper will help you a lot to get an idea of the CEED exam.

Experience at IIT Guwahati:
It was my first time I visited Guwahati. I was really excited to visit the campus as I have heard a lot of compliments about the beauty of IITG campus. Since I did my schooling at Nainital, Uttarakhand, I was excited to go back again to nature’s lap :) As soon as I entered the campus, I was stunned by its beauty. The lush green campus was mesmerizing and drizzling was like an icing on the cake :D On the day of DAT, there were 2 questions, the first question asked us to choose one character (real life or fictional), an animal (real life or fictional), an object and a place (real or fictional). Using all these we were supposed to come up with an essay/story. After 15 mins break, we were asked to illustrate the same story in the given frames (ques 2, max. 6 frames).

Suggestion: You need to be a quick sketcher here to illustrate the story and creative to make it attractive and eye catchy.

Just after DAT, the interview list was published according to the serial number. I entered the interview room and I was not shocked at all because I already had an idea about the scene inside the room. As I heard from others, there were 15 people in the interview panel :D But still nervousness was hovering around. I wish them and they asked me to sit. I kept my portfolio at the end of the table and soon it was circulated around. They asked for my introduction and as I had working experience, asked about my work/software/tools used. Asked about my design interest as I was interested in interaction design. They asked what challenges I faced while I was working and how I used to solve it. Asked me where I want to see myself after 5 years.

As they have a multidisciplinary course and my portfolio was mostly on interaction design, they asked me that will I be able to do other design (product, animation, visual, transportation) and how will it be useful in my case. I think this is where I made an impression. I gave a couple of examples of the projects (Interaction + product design) done by one of the graduating student and they were like “good”. Then they asked if I get selected, what type of projects I would like to do here. Told them as I already had some projects/technologies in my mind. Then they returned my portfolio back and asked me to leave. I smiled, thanked them and left the room. The interview lasted for around 12-13 minutes.

The result was published the next day and there it was, my name in the selected candidate list :)

The key for success in the interview is to be genuine, calm and cool during the interview.

They panel will be really friendly and supportive. Read about their course structure and projects by professors/students. Just be yourself and rest will follow :)

Link to my full portfolio:

Thanks a lot, TeaCup Blog and Prasanna Sir!

Feel free to contact and all the best!

Adarsh Raj Shah, M.Des – IITG (2017-19)

(shoot at: hello[at]adarshraj[dot]in)


SRI KODURI said...

Hai to all? NID is my dream but I have a little bit lazy eye so I can not maintain proper eye cantact so can I get selected for NID

SRI KODURI said...

Hai to all? NID is my dream but I have a little bit lazy eye so I can not maintain proper eye cantact so can I get selected for NID

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