July 24, 2014

Success Story : Rahul Kothari (IITK)

 Rahul Kothari joined IITK recently. He appeared for 3 interviews in total, so his experience is very diverese, just like his portfolio. We wish him all the best for his future

Hello friends this is Rahul Kothari my story is specially about those who are in job.

My passion about designing started in teenage but it got its name i.e. design in final year of engineering when i know about design and CEED .I am skipping my struggle for CEED  from starting because its a never ending story for me . So i will cover just two years 13  and 14 in 2012 i have joined BRDS for CEED regarding coaching like brds, silica, afd etc many student have view that they are fake but i say it depends on your purpose. Of course, selection is unspoken motto and as per saying that they are costly and doesn’t guarantee selection which is 100% true. My main purpose is to change my environment because i was in a boring non creative and administrative govt job in a small city. So it became difficult for me to be in IITs or NID. In 2013 anyhow I got call from NID in NMD which is my second preference this could be my last chance but bad luck continues here also I got rejection from them. I really disappointed from myself. I almost give-up. Then after some time I realize that i can’t live without designing and then i promised to myself that this is now do or die situation and that the spirit which I was searching from long time .

This year i cracked both CEED and NID for CEED I think many friend have discussed. So regularly read Teacup blog. From my side mechanical and spatial ability and creative kind of gk is must for par t A specially. NID exam has different approach. This year they totally changed their pattern and we have to compulsory solve all the design field questions. NID exam emphasize on spontaneity, sketching and creativity.

I have appeared in three institute interviews first is 

IDC- Idc first asks for creative works with form. Then on that basis they called you for written test in which they asked similar question like in Part B (optional) of CEED. This year they asked us to design a Mobile tea shop for PD and Auto rickshaw in MVD. Secondly, there is studio test in which for PD we have to make lamp and for MVD we have to make a tetrahedron. After that in PI they asked me about my design which I sent with form. Lamp and my job etc. It was nice conversation but i didn’t get through it perhaps, someone has given better impression than me.

Second is –
NID- In NID we have two round for written test first is doodling test and then studio test in which they asked to redesign bulb packaging unlike corrugated paper and it should pass 2 inch drop test and check its working condition without opening it. It got disasterous end where it get opened out. Interview was great and I won their hearts. But both studio test and PI matters so again rejected!

Third is –
DP-IIT Kanpur - DP has different kind of environment. We had just interview which is very indifferent, very lengthy and out of the box questions. My interview was second or third down after lunch. So they were yawning looking very indifferent for me. They asked me about my job, living place, my preference suddenly the whole interview turned to a fish market everybody throwing me questions and statements at a point even i started laughing then again abruptly  they said you can go. I shocked that what happened to them. Lots of question stroke in my mind. Then I thought that this is my last chance to be a designer i asked them about design culture at DP. After 2-3 question again they lost but at last one of the panellist told me “I am impressed that you are passionate about design even though you are not in such a background”. In this way i saved my interview and selection as well.

At last my final words to all CEED and NID aspirants are:-
---- Be passionate and clear about designing and its field.
---- In portfolio even one drawing is sufficient for your selection so choose your best.
---- Prepare your background, honestly.
----IDC and NID is not only the place.
----practice * 1000 times.
----That’s actually my method- just note down all the objects you know or seen then googling it and draw from different angles.

          Further if anyone want more help contact me at kothari.rahul@gmail.com.        

3D Max rendering

3D Max rendering

3D Max rendering

Stamp design

Product Design sketches

New Media Design - Audio selector

Photography samples


Ankita Deb said...

Thanks a lot for the detailed information, Rahul. It really helped. All the very best for your tenure at IIK!! :) :)

Sketch-Er Gaurav said...

Thanks a lot!

Sketch-Er Gaurav said...

Thanks a lot!

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