July 21, 2014

MIT Product Design sketching notes

MIT Product Design sketching notes are available here
They are the lecture notes for the course "6.810: Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping"

The notes are pretty basic and does not cover many of the chapters to a good depth, but it does address some of the basic pitfalls that the students studying for CEED may commit.

For example,
Many CEED aspirants dont know about the "sketching warm up". The notes cover the basics of what all exercises to practice to get a free and smooth flow during sketching process.

It also addresses different kinds of sketching. For example, it shows difference between form exploration and engineering style sketches. 

Overall the notes are good source for knowing the basics of sketching. Since they are in form of presentation that will be shown during the lecture, the slides are not self explanatory. Still the notes are worth a read

More resources for this course are available here


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