July 18, 2014

Four rules for a great score in CEED

In the heat of the CEED exam, almost everyone falls short of time. What do the toppers do to make the most of their time?
There are 4 points that you MUST practice to get good score:
  1. Rough work :
    Read the question thoroughly. And understand what is asked.
    Don't rush to answering the question. Think about what is asked, think about possible ideas and solutions to the problem, select an appealing and innovative idea, think whether your idea is good enough? Think about how well can you express this selected idea and finally imagine how it will appear on the paper. Plan on how will you utilize the space in the answer sheet.
    Do this in 5 minutes flat.
    It needs practice, but is doable
  2. Innovative idea :
    Generally most questions test your ingenuity. Examiners love to test it more than anything else.
    Think something 99 percent candidates, your competition, wont be able to think!
    Practice using attribute method. It works!

  3. Proper sketching :
    Select the right view, sketch functionally, shade only if needed and colour only of it adds more meaning. Does a side view express your idea clearly? Then don't waste your time drawing a perspective view.
    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Keep your representation to bare minimum
  4. Proper labeling :
    Label all your parts and functions clearly in bold and capital letters.
    Write the description likewise. As far as possible avoid using cursive in CEED. It looks good only in love letters, not in CEED exam!
Believe me, it is not difficult to score in CEED through use of these four simple  rules. Yet, these are not hard and fast rules, you should know when to break these. Breaking rules makes a great designer, but do so consciously.

All the best :)


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