June 24, 2008

My Pen

'Pen is mightier than sword',
i am having this pen since '94 ... and i m proud of it


deliriousyouthofbees said...

Hi Prasanna!

I am very flattered with your comment and am very glad that you appreciated my photos. I'm actually surprised anyone even sees my posts, I usually just post on this blog for myself since none of my friends are into blogging...Thank you!

My headline is actually a song lyric from Beck, one of my favorite artists.

I see that you are a visual designer (am I correct). That must be a fascinating job! Super jealous haha!

deliriousyouthofbees said...

and also: I agree with this post, haha

Anonymous said...

Oh, pen! i was ...er...expecting something else ;)

Anonymous said...

hey man.. who r u? this anonymous..!

Anonymous said...

WHO ARE YOU??? ?He He..!

Anonymous said...

Dude! This pen can go into museum of 'Old and Outdate Things' or something like that... Talks a lot about the person using it... he he he!

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