June 27, 2008

Some Elements of Visual Design..

I was really wondering what to upload today... some of the photos I have taken seem to have better 'feel' than other... I was wondering why is it so...

1. Some pictures simply give you a better sense of surroundings than other. For example, a slightly hazy and foggy picture puts a feeling of cold morning in the picture. Hence if we apply same principle in designing, so as to convey the 'feel' of the environment in which the product is designed for it will not only give the object a home, but also make it aesthetically pleasing.

2. Some pictures I uploaded have a large sense of contrast. The contrast is not only created by colour of the subjects but that of light and shadow. Such emphasis can be chosen by designer (and photographer) by not only choosing the colours of product correctly, but also by proper selection of lighting. Artificial lighting, give a 'synthetic' look, while natural lighting is more suitable for putting emphasis on natural surroundings or softer features of product.


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