July 15, 2008

Some peeled paint

After all who would care for some peeled off green paint on a wooden fence? But does it not look intriguingly beautiful? Just the shades of color and the texture, says it all.


deliriousyouthofbees said...

Really? A random search! That's crazy!
I think that song is from his "Guero" album. I think the song itself is called "E-Pro". His new album "Chemtrails" came out! I'm excited! Haha! Hopefull you like Beck too.

I've never thought about professional photography, but I do love the whole concept of the mechanics behind it- playing with the DOF, apertures, shutter speeds. I don't exactly own the camera of my dreams right now due to financial constraints, but I'd love to own a legit Nikon DSLR one day...

Thank you for your wonderful comment
:D !

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