December 25, 2010

IISc Aerobics poster for January 2011 batch

As a continual graphic design freelance work, our team designed this poster for IISc Aerobics Club for the batch of 2011 January. It is our effort to generate awareness about the IISc Aerobics Club and to ensure maximum participation.

 IISc Aerobics Club Poster for January 2011 batch

Brief :           1. A simple poster
                      2. Must contain typography
                      3. Eye catching from a distance of 25 plus meter
                      4. May include images  
                      5. Must contain new year wishes, new batch date, batch details, 
                          fees, venue and contact info.
                      6. Must contain 'Just one hour a day' tag-line

Fonts used : Arial and Bolts SF

Software used : Adobe Illustrator 7.0 

Print Size : A2


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