June 01, 2011

Designer's Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint 2007

Design should be cool and also be functionally correct. Some GUI designers fail to trade-off one for another. Recently I tried to circumvent such a problem. There is a transition going on from PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007. I often use PowerPoint to make design reports and even elementary animations to explain my point and I was also caught up in this shift. I was disappointed using PowerPoint 2007. This maybe because I am just too used to PowerPoint 2003 and all my cool toolbars and macros are in 2003. One morning it came as a shock to me looking that someone had just disturbed my comfort zone by installing MSOffice Suite 2007 and deleted all my cool macros and toolbar settings! Moreover I discovered that PowerPoint 2007 does not allow you to “design” your own toolbars! All I was left with a “ribbon” and a “quick access toolbar”. So I decided to look towards the minimalism clubbing together the functions I use almost 90% time. Now after three months of adding and deleting buttons from my Quick Access Bar, this is the list of the functions I feel comfortable with, though I miss my macros and other toolbars.


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