November 30, 2011

How a designer can help solve the problem of adult literacy and child labor

The problem of child labor is closely associate with that of adult literacy. If the adults are literate they know the importance of education and hence will send their children to schools instead of employment. In order to do this the obstacles that are faced by the society have to be understood and eradicated. A designer can help solve this problem by using  systematic design methods.

The problems like adult literacy and child labors are prevalent because of lack of awareness among the populace. For example a graphic designer can create graphics that are interesting and motivate people to solve these problems (like the one shown below, that i received in a forwarded mail). product designer/industrial designer can design articles like lamp posts in the form of sculptures that expose the masses to these problems and thus create awareness about them. Visual communicators can use the popular media of television to create awareness about these issues in society.
Kala akshar bhains barabar
Another cause of these problems is unavailability of suitable educational materials to remove this problems. Thus, a product designer/industrial designer can create products from locally available articles that help in spreading the awareness. For example there are many educational toys can be made from common household objects and one available I nature. Such things can make suitable material available to solve the problem of adult literacy.

Sometimes adult literacy faces a problem that due to poverty earning money becomes a high priority This problem can be solved by designers by designing suitable graphical materials and products like say, flash cards, that can be used while working, if possible or during the lunch breaks or during the travels to work. Thus designers can strike a balance between generating work and earning money.


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