June 15, 2012

Which design stream is best for you?

Dear friends,
One of the most curious questions that one of the regular reader Indrajit Singh asked 

Prasanna Da..
Your previous replies helped me a lot.Thanks for that...
You know, alomost everyday I follow your blog:)) and preparing by practicing & reading your links and comments ......Really it has increased my visualization ability and approach towards sketching objects.

Here I need some suggestions from you.I know i am well at sketching but i can't fix a discipline.I like graphic designing ...so i can apply for it at NID and if i will apply for IDC or IISC through CEED then there is no such options as per my knowledge...So as a brother..:) if you can tell me what should be our approach to choose a stream.???
May be we can apply for any stream but in interview panel we have to answer them.
Hope i can clear the matter to you.....

I designed a short questionnaire for you. Just take a pencil and write down your closest choice against each question. Then compare it against the key at the end.
This questionnaire is meant to be fun and to clear some of the thoughts in your head regarding choosing a proper design course. Go ahead and enjoy :)
1.      You often find yourself sketching ...
a.      Anything that has wheels!
b.      Cartoons and caricatures
c.      Abstract designs, flowers or almost anything!
d.      Something useable like cell phones, watches, etc
e.      Something that has buttons on it!
f.       Nah! Sketching just bores me!

2.      You go for shopping, which of these catches your eye?
a.      New and interesting stuff
b.      New cell phones and techie gadgets
c.      Packaging of the products and their colours and illustrations
d.      The stuff that will make my bike groovier!
e.      The ads that I see around the shops
f.       I see only price-tags

3.      I have a couple of hundred rupees to spend, most likely ...
a.      I would buy a game CD!
b.      I would like to buy a new set of watercolours
c.      I would go for a new ball pen to sketch cars!
d.      I would just love to watch the animated movie for its techniques!
e.      I would buy just something thats just innovative!
f.       Maybe I should go to bank and think about mutual funds

4.      Which of the following has happened to you?
a.      You wondered unceasingly how a scene in a movie was shot.
b.      You saw a new device and wondered how it was made!
c.      You have at least 10 suggestions to improve your cell-phone
d.      You know how they put the shiny colours on toothpaste carton!
e.      You know which new car is Chevrolet is planning to launch along with its specs!
f.       You know how to compute the enthalpy at nozzle of steam turbine

5.       Which software are you aware about/learnt/used?
a.      CorelDraw and Photoshop
b.      Alias
c.      Maya
d.      HTML and CSS
e.      Solidworks
f.       ANSYS
6.      Lets get this straight. I really would like a job that...
a.      Designs a lots of different goods
b.      Designs WebPages and web applications
c.      Designs cars and bikes or related accessories
d.      Designs animated ads and films
e.      Designs magazines and illustrated books
f.       Designs pressure vessels

Scoring Key

Product design
Graphic design
Automotive design
Interaction design
You better stop reading any further if you happen to pick many of the 'f' options :P

After deciding which branch to choose you can prepare portfolio for it. You can read this post for that  How to make a portfolio shown at admission interview

Enjoy :) 


chetanyadav said...

1-a,b; 2-a,c; 3-c; 4-e; 5-e; 6-a,c;
Hello Sir
This was fun!! haha finally a solvable mcq quiz..and I know my ans already...thank you, this is really nice work

Anand said...

Hi prasanna,

Thanks for this awesome blog bcoz of which I got through into IDC this year...

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Congratulation Anand :)
Do u mind sharing your experience? It would be awesome to read your success story!
Enjoy your time at IDC !! :D

Anand said...


I ll send you abt ' How I got into IDC' through mail...

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Anand,
Thank you so much for the mail!
I published it here
best of luck for your career!
Enjoy :)

abhiatgood said...

hello sir...i have chosen these options....attempting such mcqs was fun...thanks..

Ramesh Patel said...

sir I have cleared NID 2015 but my waiting list in obc category is 3 so is it possible to get NID or is there any equivalent according to my result

please give suggestion.

Anonymous said...

thanks sir..it was great..i'm doing btech in electronics and communication, this is my last semester. I do sketch and want to excel in this creative field. my friend suggested me to give ceed exam..i don't know much about it..sir can you suggest me what should I do...thanks.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi shadesofgreysite,
After going through your wordpress blog, i realized that you truely can sketch well, but they are more of works of art, and do not communicate solution to problems such as visiting cards, logos or posters. First thing, i would suggest you to get a feel of how CEED paper is, by going through previous years papers, which are available on IITB site. This will put you in perspective on what to expect in CEED. Perhaps while solving the paper you will realize that you can solve certain questions easily than others. Hence this would clear out what branch is good for you :)
All the best

Anonymous said...

okay thankyou sir..:)

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