September 06, 2012

CEED 2012 Part A solution

CEED 2012 Paper is available for download on official IIT-B CEED site.
I am posting solution for CEED 2012 Part A.

The solution is correct to best of my opinion, still I cannot guarantee the accuracy. I have included explanations for the relevant questions, to help you. Feel free to discuss if you have any further doubts.

Corrections in above solution:
(Yes, i lost the original file of this picture!!)
Q. 34 Answer is (C) ... Thanks to Rohit Chainani for pointing it out
Q. 15 Answer is (D) ... Thanks to Arjun Aravindan for pointing it out
Q. 32 Answer is (D) ... Thanks to Harifor pointing this out and giving the source


chetanyadav said...

Thank you sir, so nice of you...:)


thanks for the answers prasanna :) ....i think for t 16th Q, option A is the option C, you cant fold it over the edges coz the cuts are not in the same line on both sides ....

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Vikram,
In Q. 16, the development of toothpaste tube
I feel that those tabs are necessary for proper folding and applying gum, to paste the outer face. These tabs are missing in Option A, so you will have closing and pasting the face. You can have a look at this to understand my point
Thanks for going through the list :)

kalyan kumar neelendran said...

thanks for the answers n clarifications prasanna

Rohit Chainani said...

Hi Prasanna, this is rohit here. Im glad that u have taken the initiative for putting up the answers.
I was so happy that I cud'nt help but cross check my answers. Actually I have a bad habbit of ensuring that I have solved previous year's q papers (it helped me during engg ;) so I had my set ready :D

I got answers to many of the questions that I had no clue about & I m really thankful to u fr that. While I was cross checking, I did come across a few answers that I thot were incorrect. I thought of sharing this with u, I have written my answers too. would u please re-check them both?

Q1: Elephant: hair on a cows tail have a lot more hair flaring at the end of the tail (and even the Height & curve of the tail looks like an elephants to me)
Q9: B: A's got shadow on it. N i guess thats nt preferable (Accdg to general norms)
Q12:B: The bulb seems broken
Q34:C: Observation

I was really searching for this answer key & it gave me a lot of answers! This goes without saying that please correct me if i am wrong. It would only help...


Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Rohit,
Thanks for verifying
Q1 : I feel it cant be elephants tail, because its not so high up above the ground. I believe that the ground is shown for this reason
Q9 : I also guess B might be right option. I am not sure
Q12: the bulb might seem broken due to poor image of scanned paper
Q34 : you can verify the answer even using Euler’s formula F + V - E = 2

Rohit Chainani said...

:-) thank you for sharing that Euler's formula. I dint know about it. But I get the ans as 15 now. Might have to work on it a little more. Hmm But I think that putting scanned images (tail & bulb, etc) make it so confusing. I hope the ones they put up this year are clearer :(

Once again, thanks for helping me out. Please keep doing the good work.

chetanyadav said...

Hello sir, could you elaborate your sol to ques 34 more...even i got 16 faces :(

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Dear Chetan and Rohit,
Since Q35 underwent lots of discussion, i have attempted to solve it here
Feel free to comment

chetanyadav said...

Hello sir
actually we all three (me, rohit and you) are correct, the no of faces is 16..., but here in sol (posted above), ans to 34 is B and to 35 is C...According to q-paper the ques regarding no of faces is but I think you got it as check :), I'm sorry and correct me if I went wrong.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Glad to know that.
Guess, i should update the solution posted above then.
Thanks for pointing out

Arjun Aravindan said...

hello sir,
i doubt the ans of the 15 Q is D. The given art form is "Theyyam" of Kerala, please correct me if i went wrng.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Arjun,
You are right!! it is "Theyyam" of Kerala
and correct answer of Q.15 is D.

Anish Kumar said...

Sir, in this there is a question on problem idenitification..
we need to find problems in pressure cookers or scene at railway station..

I am not able to find any design problem in pressure cooker..what usability problem can be there in both part of questions ?
And also can you tell me how to tackle such questions ?

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

hello Anish
You must have visited railway station many times. The question here calls for your observation skills as a designer. A few of the problems can be:
1.There is no safety rail on platform, so the passenger may fall on the track during rush hour
2.Often the stairs on railway stations are not supplemented with ramp, so its difficult to carry on bags with wheels
3.It is not very easy to find toilets on railway station because there is no central information board at many places
4.The chairs provided at railway station are not sufficient
5.The information about the routes is not displayed clearly at many places
You can use this as a guidance to answer such questions. There is no trick to help with this, but you need to understand the situation. The picture provides a guide to you in case you miss out on something.

Pressure cooker problem
Regarding the pressure cooker problems: Following are some of the problems it faces.:
1. There is no pressure control system mechanism .
2.Some times the lid of the cooker is not closed properly-So a lid close detection mechanism should be there.
3. During cooking ,food particles jam the steam release.
4.The base of the cooker can be of multilayered as it can prevent the overheating of food.
5. There is no safety indicator.
6. There is no pressure release valve on the pressure cooker. It is generally done manually.
7. There should be two handles attached so that it becomes easy to handle it , As carrying the pressure cooker with single handled becomes uneasy.
8. In order to reduce the temp of the cooker sometimes it is generally kept under stream of water . The problem of lowering of temp .

Best of luck

shivani said...

HI prasanna..Thanks for creating such a wonderful portal. Well The answer u said for ques 12 is D. But don't you think that education,knowledge and enlightenment are more or less related. If we see the image clearly , it has a broken tungsten filament which indicates that there is lot of knowledge..hence darkness. Hey what do u think about it?

shivani said...

I mean "LOSS" of knowledge..sorry guys

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Shivani,
You have observed correctly, but i believe that the broken filament appears to be because of poor quality of scanning. It was not there in the paper, as far as i remember. And if there was a broken filament, they would have shown it very clearly, like filament broken and hanging or something. Thankfully this year, CEED Part A is online!! Thank God!!
Best luck

Hari said...

hi prasanna

thanks for the answers, for Question 32 answer is option D, here is the reference for the same,

even i made the mistake of answering steel during exam..

ashrock said...

hi prasanna,i wanted to know if you took any coaching for ceed preparation or if not how you prepared for it?Also even if one clears ceed ,what type of questions come in iit tests conducted.i got 17 th rank in NID,idk about CEED it tougher or easier

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Hari,
Thank you so much to find this out!!
I am mentioning this correction in my post!!

sravz said...

Hi prasanna
for Question 3,i am confused with option a & b can u explain it.

Allan said...

@sravz:11am means its 1hr to noon.shadows will not have that much length.

Allan said...
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Allan said...

hello prasanna.
i have some doubts.
Q.12.Given bulb has a broken filament.BROKEN FILAMENT MEANS DARKNESS.
Q.9.For option A,we can see the shadow of his head on the screen.Is that suitable??!!

Allan said...

@prasanna:As far as i remember,it was very clear that the filament was broken..We cant find another suitable way to indicate darkness.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello Allan,
For Q.12. I believe that in CEED paper the filament is not shown broken. Here it appears so because of poor quality of scanning. If they would have wanted to show a broken filament, they would have clearly shown a broken wire that is dangling in the bulb. So, i believe that, this is a case if poor quality. Also the light bulb is shown OFF, which can point to it being darkness, but i am still not convinced completely

For Q.9, the option with shadow is better than other 3 options. I believe that shadow itself is not a problem. It is better than hair not being visible, or side view or very poor contrast.

Thanks for dropping by :)

Mandrila said...

Hey Prasanna. First of all in question 12., the shorter part of the broken filament is at a very different angle to the rest of it. It is difficult to imagine it as a continuous jagged line. Given your logic, let us consider that the filament is not broken. But still, the bulb is not connected! It is not glowing. It is just an isolated bulb with lot of potential. Shouldn't that indicate our rich resource not being utilized, i.e., darkness per say.

surbhi mangla said...

can u explain Euler’s formula F + V - E = 2...i din gt it?

surbhi mangla said...

m havng confusn in 40 th ques...?

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Surbhi,

Seeing you after a long time.

Euler's Formula, F + V - E = 2, is correlation between number of Face, Vertices, and Edges of a closed faceted solid. A very nice explanation is given here

For Q. 40, you should mark the vertices of the pentagon to understand its rotation in each cycle, then maybe your problem will be solved

Best luck

yashsheth said...

For the 2nd question I doubt it as the option D (8 p.m)
Reason:- if you take a closer look there is a 2nd person visible in the picture whose shadow is missing. Hence the first person's shadow may have occurred due to the street light.
I am not sure of this, kindly some1 clarify this.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hello yashsheth,
I am not convinced about the reason. The question says 'at what time of the day was this photo taken in central India' This implies something. Another problem is poor quality of the scanning. Maybe the shadow is not visible in the scanned copy of this paper, but was visible in the actual paper.

sridhar said...

33 answer is b

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Sridhar,
I dont completly agree that B is the correct answer for Q.33... they have not shown state of Mizoram in it

Vismay said...

thank you sir

but can u once again update all the answers

Karan Leo Vohra said...

Hey Sir,
I think 25, the answer is C)
Paul Klee wrote books on form and design theory, moreover his research on Color theory and his notebooks are popular for the same.
He also taught design at a university.
Da Vinci was an architect, designer, artist, biologist etc but his major contributions seem to be in renaissance art rather than constructivism/design.

I have a query as far as 39 is concerned. Isn't A) the right answer? Paper Cup's are insulators. Ceramic Cup isn't the wrong option either though.

In question 18, answer should be A. If you zoom in this image to the part where the elephant has wrinkles you misht see the likeniness.

Thanks sir for the answers
ever so grateful. :)

Anonymous said...

Please share the solutions for ceed 2013 paper as well. Need help on a few questions

subi poorani said...
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subi poorani said...
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Reshma Jha said...

hello prasanna

can u help me for answer 2013 ceed question paper

Reshma Jha said...

hello prasanna

can u help me for answer 2013 ceed question paper

Ramesh Patel said...

sir I have cleared NID 2015 but my waiting list in obc category is 3 so is it possible to get NID or is there any equivalent according to my result

please give suggestion.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Ramesh,
The admission will be against cancellation, and only in OBC catagory.
Normally candidates co not cancel their seats at NID, therefore the cancaes are low
NID conducts one test anually and the scores are not really useful for any other admission

simple thought :) said...

Hi the answer for question 12 ceed 2012 paper will be B (darkness) as the filament inside the bulb is broken.

Correct me if i am wrong !

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi simple thought ,
The filament appears broken because of the poor quality of scanning. In CEED paper, this image will appear on the screen, and will not appear broken. Though, if the filament os broken, your solution is right :) If not, mine is :P

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