February 01, 2013

NID PGDPD DAT Paper 2013

Dear friends,

We would really like to thank our friend Chetan Yadav, who shared the paper  of NID DAT. He managed to reconstruct this paper based on his memory as a reference for preparation to NID


Q. Which Country is known as ‘The Land of White Elephants?’
Q. Who was the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh?
Q. Convert:         1 Kilometre=_______ Feet.
Q. Who is the Director of recent film ‘Barfi?’
Q. Write the full form of A.T.K.T
Q. Who is the Author of book- “The Tiger who came to the tea”
Q. Find the missing number in yellow. 

Q3. Write short note on “Effect of FDI on Indian Street Market.”
Q2. Illustrate using Cartoon Strip. Scene- “There are two lizards on the ceiling of a room. One of them falls as you enter the room.” You will be judged on your Ability to Imagine and Sense of Humour.
Q(1). Choose any one from the options given below. Draw/ Sketch the product as well as its user. 
a) Newspaper
b) Tea Making Utensils
c) Pen Stand
and two other products
Q(1a). Using illustrations, Show Aesthetics work for the product, or what are the Aesthetic elements in it?
Q(1b). Using illustrations show Functional Characteristics of the product
Q(1c) Do you find any mistakes or do you think the present design lacks something? Using sketches and short note illustrate the problems you encounter in using the product.
Q(1d) What type of design you would want or what modifications you would make in the present design. Illustrate your design changes and explain it by a short note

Q. Sketch the logo of any two of the following brands. Also write their Tag-line.
    1. State Bank of India
    2. Cadbury
    3. Tanishq
    4. LIC



thanks for the questions.... :)
and i guess the 6th question about the author of the book was ''Turning Points: A journey through challenges'' written by Abdul Kalam

debarati rakshit said...

Does NID Entrance have cumulative cut off(summation of marks in both the papers)or paper wise cut off?

What was last year's cut offs(Paper-1 and Product Design)?..any idea?

Thanks in advance.

john abraham said...

hi did anyone received call letter for nid studio test or anyone know date of studio test for product design plz help..

parvez ansari said...

date of studio test for pd is 8th april...

saurabh said...

I cleared the DAT(Information an interface design- IID)and eventually received the call letter for the 2nd round of studio test. Can any body help me out with the preparation of studio test. Any suggestion would be help full.

Thanks in advance

Saurabh Datta

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Saurabh,
Last year Surbhi made it to IID. You can see her preperation tips in 'Success stories' colomn on right side of this page. Also, you might want to ask this question on CEED 2013 page on facebook

aditya vora said...

Hello Sir,
Are the question papers for all the diciplines common in DAT at NID???
Or different diciplines have different set of questions based on their field??

sanjana Tripuramallu said...

is this all paper-1?:o..so much for 1.5 hr :(

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