March 25, 2015

IIT-B IDC DAT 2015 papers

This year IDC gave out printouts of their DAT papers and studio tests!
We are grateful to the people who shared those with us for publication on this blog :)
IDC Interaction Design DAT paper (Thanks to Anjana Mahalaxmi)

IDC Visual Communication DAT paper (Thanks to Bigyani)

IDC Animation DAT paper (Thanks to Bigyani)

IDC Mobility and Vehicle Design DAT paper (Thanks to Suyog Dhanawade) 
IDC Product Design DAT paper (Thanks to Suyog Dhanawade)

We regret the poor quality of the images. They are the best copies available to us. Please do send us better photos if you happen to have them

We are still looking for Interaction Design DAT paper, if anyone has the same we request you to mail us the same. We have obtained the paper thanks to Anjana Mahalaxmi. Apparently people who helped by submitting the papers made it to IDC :P

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