March 25, 2015

Rohan Dinde's experience of IDC VC interivew

Rohan, a regular reader of this blog, was interviewed at IDC in March 2015. He has obliged us by sharing his experience.

My IDC - VC interview story

I have described it in detail...please forgive me for its lengthiness.

On the Gate of IITB- I met a guy....Abhishek! Came to know at the gate itself that he has applied for 4 and has got short-listed in all 4 branches!!! I thought..why I have came here when such multi-talented people are here! We went to Hostel 16 together became room mates...had a lot of fun...laughed a we were knowing each other from childhood! By the time we end the process of interview, we had an emotional attachment for each other!

In the studio test...

I was like...whether to laugh or to cry!!!
It was a real challenge to design something which is deeply rooted in our heart...!!
Many thoughts gushing in my mind at a time...! I started writing thoughts in the form of Ques. Ans. On the rough A4 sheet provided..
Then I made thumbnails..around 15 or so.
Looked at the time remained... 15 mins only!!!!
Finalized the concept in not more than 10 seconds!
Made something...(will post the pic)


I was 3rd last in group 1..
I entered the room, they offered me the chair..
My portfolio contained my hand crafted portfolio flip-book, three practice sketchbooks,a small diary and a copy of Bhagwatgeeta!
I kept the flip-book in front of me and kept everything else aside...purposefully tried keeping other things out of their reach on the table!
While I do all this, a photographer was taking photo of I being interviewed! ( I think he is a project staff there. He also took a pic of mine when i was waiting outside!)
A prof had a glance on my flip-book....
My portfolio had an old quickly drawn sketch of Steve Jobs.
He said, Gandhiji banaya hai ya Steve Jobs!!!!!!!!
I was laughing and I became stress-free there itself!
When another panellist saw the sketch...he said give it to me! He was sooo eager to see that what's inside my portfolio...I said Sir, Can I give a presentation? He said, first I will see n then you can give!
I didn't had an idea that the cover slightly differently made will increase their curiosity so much!
Then the two panellists went through the flip-book , looking each project with some interest...Now they said ok explain us in short.... while I started explaining....they asked...WHAT ARE THOSE?
OMG!!! They are asking about my SCRAPBOOKS!!! Now they will BAD I can sketch! And they will ask questions on my bad sketches...!
But they just flipped through the sketchbooks...and asked me...from how much years I am sketching in these sketchbooks? 

I : Spt 2014

He: 6 months?
They looked impressed!
Then I presented the Bhagwatgeeta copy...It was a book cover design which I wrapped to Geeta!
Then I showed my little diary having my poetry written with calligraphy...
They appreciated my calligraphy and asked me to present my poem and explain it...they were checking my communication skills here I guess...
I : This is a poem SAY for my GF
He: SAY FOR my GF or FOR my GF?
I: FOR my GF!!!!
Then I presented the poem and when I explained the meaning, they were like... Wah ..wah kya bat hai!!!!
Finally one of the panellist said Nice to meet you..
Thank you.
I asked OVER?
They said Yaa..

I carefully picked up all my materials and came out with a smile on my face..!


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