March 23, 2015

Roshan Kove's experience of IDC Mobility and Industrial Design interview

Here is Roshan's experience of Mobility and Vehicle Design interview at IDC

Mobility - i feel they ignored me as i am from CSE background.. They only ask few basic questions why you want to join dis course?.. U r doing job or not..?? bla bla!! Then they said to show portfolio ..i added some concept n rendering work hoping they may ask something about portfolio but they just look over..and said how was your NID exam?.. You like earthen pot question which we added? They are cool with me. And they told me to explain and draw CEED part B earthen pot i drew and explained the concept. Thats all..time near about 10-12 min 

Industrial design - i was late when i went to idc peon calling my name..and said they are waiting for you just go..i had portfolio bag and documents, was tensed i didn't get time to think anything n went to interview.. There were 5 people seated in a row.. They r very friendly.. They asked me about studio test solution they had my answer sheet n said why you choose dis type of design n which factors you considered? Dis is appealing design? I explained them all factors..i made nice presentation but messed up with paper model..i couldn't make it good  
Then they asked about my passion,said y u choose product design why not interaction ? Then two people from corner asked questions on portfolio which material you used n how you generate this concept? I answer them what i prepared..then they asked me question on task which i send with the application so they asked some question on them..i added some rendering work which i made in Photoshop n CATIA..they said its nice you are from CS and learned this software..interview was cool n friendly..they said ok good..u can go..they asked so many questions within 5-6 min..  enjoyed the interview 

IDC and iit campus is awesome..i meet with many creative people from CEED 2015 group..and its awesome memories..enjoy a lot  thnx


Chetan Yadav said...

Nice, even I got surprised that a CSE person did something in Catia. I went back to first line to confirm that it is CSE. :p
All the best!

abdullah syed said...

Hi, thanx for sharing the experience, sir i need help regarding part B of 2015 question paper.
if possible please solutions to the questions of part B as i want to check it with mine so that i can improve upon myself. i got 24 and cut off was 30 in \part B so i could't make it.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

I can post the paper solution, but it will be just a reflection of the skills of the person who has solved it. Since there are no wrong answers for CEED questions, its best that you attempt a question yourself and then get it assessed. Sometimes, it does happen that even very skilled aspirant cant get good marks because he or she simply does not know how to present the answers
I feel i can guide you much accurately, if you write me an email or drop message on facebook. Then i can assess your skills and suggest you improvements

Mustafa king said...
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