March 11, 2015

Tips for DAT and interview


The following tips were published on CEED help group on Facebook. I am publishing them here for benefit of the aspirants :)

some quick tips for the benefit of aspirants :

-The written aptitude test would be pertaining to the stream you have applied for, unlike the CEED exam which had more diverse topics.... while preparing be stream specific

-the written test is important as most often they act as a baseline on which your interview questions are asked

-while making portfolio- believe in quality and not quantity!!! add 4-5 stream specific works ( which are your best works) and few miscellaneous works (like sketches, photographs, etc).

-try carrying a hard/soft copy of your portfolio, as your interview panel will have 2-3 profs.. (that way u can keep them engaged with your portfolio, while the other questions you)

-Lastly,there are on an average close to ~100 ppl being called! what ever you do, do it creatively and stand out among others

ping me/ add comments if you guys hav any further doubts!!!

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