May 17, 2015

Success Story : Nishith Parikh (ID at IDC IIT-B)

I precisely remember the day when my friend, Siddharth Parmar showed me the CEED website. I had no idea that such and exam actually existed and the fact that it did was a thrilling prospect for me. I didn't have much time left to apply so i quickly filed the form, completed the formalities and submitted my application.

Preparation for CEED:
I had absolutely zero knowledge as to the method i would need to follow to prepare for CEED. There were a few coaching classes in Hyderabad and I did have a look at them but decided not to take coaching (which i believe was the best decision i took). I soon started sketching, and sketching with a time limit. Sketching included everything from basics like line and ellipse drawing to complex pencil renders of candles, books, human poses and many other things. One thing i would like aspirants to keep in mind is that you must always practice with a time limit. I also tried solving all the previous years question papers with multiple solutions so that i got maximum practice and increased my thinking potential.
Tip: Ask friends and family for product ideas or about some difficulty they face while using currently available products. It could be anything like a door handle, a pen cap.. anything. Try redesigning that product so as to effectively solve that problem.
Part A:
All the study material is available online and it is advisable to be prepared with it thoroughly.

Studio Test:
I was just too excited to be in IIT Bombay and was not focused at all. It took a while for me to completely understand the question (Designing a sweet box). However after coming out of the hall I re-read the question and to my horror I realized that I had overlooked a few critical points asked. I was devastated.

Keen to make up for my blunders in the studio test, I was determined to leave no stone unturned for the interview. The interview panel was overwhelming as it had about 4 or 5 faculty members. They asked me about the products I had made, how they worked, materials used etc. I answered most of the questions fairly well in a confident and slightly elaborate manner. I could see that they liked my answers as most of them were smiling encouragingly. In the end they decided to severely criticize one of my designs. I initially got defensive but then realized that going into a shell is not gonna cut it so i stuck to my ideas and defended my designs for all their worth. Once they got their answers they smiled again and asked me to leave. I thanked them, smiled and left the room.
I would like to thank Prasanna Gadkari for his selfless support and patience to answer all my queries. Id also like to thank Prandeep Gyanvir for guiding me through the portfolio preparation process.
Very excited.


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