September 01, 2015

Success Story: Jithin Rajagopal (IISc)

Dear all design aspirants,

You must have read many success stories in Teacup alone. All are basically the same. So I  am not going to repeat it. I choose design over engineering simply because it gives more freedom and flexibility.
I want to give some little interview tips. This is not my success story, but my experience.

I was nervous while attending IITB transportation interview (though the studio test was simple for all) and I failed.
Then it was IISc.. There were no studio test, only some technical ( +2 maths), objective & subjective stuff along with a Qn to draw Mahindra Reva ( Picture was given). I did it well, and it  gave me a  little confidence. The interview was like testing my industrial knowledge. I failed to answer many of their Qns properly. I had good ideas but they were not complete and I failed to consider all possible situations. But soon it became like an interactive group chat. They taught me many things there itself. They laughed on my funny attitude, me too. I was never nervous and I had  ask them to stop laughing and let me go ( obviously I was smiling while saying that). 

Finally I was in. Class started at IISc. The guy mainly  interviewed me is a legend in the dept. And later I realized that I was in only because I made them entertaining through out my interview and not because of the test in which I performed  well.



Vaibhav Singh said...

Hey jithin :-) congo for ur success bro. Good to read ur concise story but can u please explain me that what kind of Math +12 questions they had given you in ur studio test.

Shiya Priya said...

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Rahul Kusuma said...

Is it necessary to carry a portfolio? I haven't made anything yet and I don't have much time for my DAT at IISc, Please suggest me.

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Rahul,
A portfolio shows how well you think, what are your key skills and how good is your presentation. It is needed to improve your chances of selection at IISc. If you dont have much time, you can compile your sketches done for CEED practice and maybe a few photographs of your works in the past. You dont need seperate prep for DAT since it is quite similar to CEED.

All the best :)

Parth Raval said...

is our rank has any relation with selection criteria?
I got AIR 158th 2016. is it beneficial to me?

rohit bisht said...

I have read many people failing in IITB interviews. I want to get an idea about the questions they ask. Can you please list them for us if you can recall?
it'll help a lot.
Thank you.

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