December 05, 2015

Tips for attempting CEED paper

- Take time out to carefully read and understand the instructions. Especially the Part A instructions. Watch out for questions
where instructions says you have to mark more than one correct answer.
- For Part A, you might have calculated about a minute per question. But dont panic if some question takes more time, because there are other questions which can be solved in far lesser time
- For Part B, carry lots of sharpened pencils with you. Sometimes, its better to sharpen both ends of pencils, if you are comfortable. I know its trivial, but pencils tend to get consumed faster in CEED :P
- Carry only the material you are familiar with. Dont use that fancy new marker you got yesterday in middle of exam
- For Part B questions, spend some time in thinking about the solution. Make small scale rough sketches to get yourself an idea which is the best way to present the solution.
- Try to minimize the number of lines and views needed to communicate your solution, by choosing one good view which says it all. Keep text to minimum
- Using very very light strokes plan out which part of sketch will appear where on the paper. This will help you utilize the space better and nothing will go out of paper
- Finally, even if question does not say anything about using ruler/scale, refrain from doing so. In fact, avoid carrying a ruler/scale to the exam in first place. This applies even to interaction design questions.

Stay calm. Solve thoughtfully and cheerfully :)

 All the best!


Anonymous said...

This is the ultimate self-esteem corrector sarkari naukri Thank you for your post; it is a very important distinction 

Anonymous said...

Will keep theses in mind for tomorrow's exam.



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