April 25, 2016

Rahul Kusuma: IISc DAT and Interview experience

I'd like to thank you for guiding me before the DAT. Here's my experience about DAT and interview. It was too lengthy, but I felt everyone should have a clear idea regarding the process, so I took some time to write it completely in a detailed matter.  I tried to interpret the question paper as far as I could remember.

I'm writing particularly about the DAT and interview of CPDM @ IISc.

About me
I'm a mechanical engineer, so analyzing the paper in my point of view.
I was actually preparing for my GATE exam and wrote CEED to improve my chances of getting into IISc( it was my dream to study in IISc ).
I scored 30/100(pretty bad score) in CEED. The qualifying examination score only helps you to get shortlisted for the written test and your selection into the department is solely based on your performance in written exam and interview
DAT comprises of 2 Sections
Section 1 : 75 minutes
It has 2 parts.
Answer all the 5 questions. All qstns had  same weightage. These will test your knowledge on NON VERBAL ABILITY ( lyk odd one out,  mirror image, what comes next in the series)1 of these qstns had 5 sub qstns which are entirely based on colors and their origin/purpose of usage( lyk which color symbolizes peace)
This section has 10 qstns and we need to attempt only 5. All qstns carry equal weightage.  Attempting more than 5 leads to negative scoring
( that's what the instructions read :-p)
Q1. probability ( selecting 4 ppl from a group of 4 men, 2 women and 4 kids such that there are exactly 2  kids
Q2. Lame's theorem application in combination with springs ( very basic qstn)
Q3. Area of curve bounded between y=x^2 and y=x+2
Q4. SFD & BMD of an overhanging simply supported beam with entire UDL
Q5. This is from Fluid mechanics.  A beaker of given height filled entirely with water having opening at bottom connected by a pipe of 1 cm dia and 10 cm height.  Velocity of fluid at exit of pioe and volume flow rate.
Q6. A qstn on finding out acceleration of a discus throw.
Two more qstns from electronics, I don't remember them exactly.  These qstns had terminology lyk voltages, resistance, armature current,  shunt motors etc.
I don't remember the next 2 questions.
After 75 minutes you'll be given  second paper.
Section 2:
This is more or less equivalent to CEED part B
This paper had 9 qstns. All the qstns carry equal weightage except 1st qstn which has twice the weightage than the others.
Q1. Replicate the given figure as it is. Don't use any rulers and instruments. Shading should be done only with pencil.
A recliner chair image was given.
Q2. Shapes( circle, square,  rectangle, ellipse,  rhombus)  were given and we need to draw an object using each of these shapes individually.
( lyk tortoise using ellipse,  truck using rectangle, ball using circle).
Q3 . Select any 1 technology and write 5 statements along with uses.
a) Additive Manufacturing
b) 4G mobile network technology
c) green house roofs
d) Internet of things
Q4. Two pictures were given anf we need to select one pic and identify the problems involved in it.
1st pic had sleeping children on roads,  2nd one was a group of children in school with unhygienic environment.
Q5. Select one latest trending technology and write  4 points on it.
a) Mahindra Gusto
b) Google glass
c) about some space vehicle
d) haven't heard this name before ( so didn't remember)
Q6. Compare CFL and LED bulbs. Write 6 comparisons and finally conclude which one do you select.
Q7. Concept based qstn : If paint has the property to change its color at different temperatures, then on what house hold item would you use this and suggest 2 applications of this usage.
Q8. List of 5 materials were given.  We need to write 1 property & 1 application of each material.
a) ABS polymer
b) Mylar
c) Thermocol
d) TiO2
e) Magnesium & its alloys
Q9) Concept qstn:
The door mats we use get dirty often & when we wash,  their effectiveness is lost. Design 2 novel concepts of floor mat designs such that they don't loose their effectiveness even after subsequent washes/ uses.

All the candidates who have appeared for written test were interviewed.
Time slots were given and each individual had only 15 minutes as his time slot.
There were three panels. Each panel had 3 interviewers.
I greeted them & handed over my portfolio (they were barely interested in it, just turned the pages and gave it back to me). They asked me about my educational qualifications.  Then started questioning me.
1. Why M.Des??? What made you to come here.
2. You are a designer.  So what factors do you consider when designing a new product?
3. Should a designer consider the cost factor while designing a particular product?  Yes/No & support your answer with explanation.
I said yes and gave an explanation.Then I was asked to counter  my own statement.Tell us a situation where the designer shouldn't consider cost while designing.I told the answer & then they asked to name a product where  the end  cost is more & even then people would buy it. I was blank & said I don't know.  They said "APPLE Products" come under this category.
Then I was asked about the company BOSS(speakers). In which category would you place BOSS out of the above mentioned 3 categories. I said I'll place them in the same category as of Apple products (actually Boss speakers are cheaper it seems).
4.Then I was asked to name any product which is present on the table in front of me which hadn't changed it's form
( shape/design/ material) since its inception.
I told water bottle,  it was wrong( plastic didn't exist 60 yrs back) I was given another chance to tell. Then I said TABLE,  even that's wrong it seems(material changed). One more final chance was given to me, this time I said Eraser as it hasn't changed.  They were satisfied & then they asked me why didn't you say PENCIL. I was blank for a second,  smiled and said we used quills for writing, so didn't say pencil. They weren't satisfied I guess.
5.They saw my details in the application form, as I appeared for both GATE & CEED. They asked me the difference between both these exams & what does these exams test in a student, I explained them.
6. They asked me how did I get to know about them and their department,I answered them.
7. Next question was regarding the subjects I studied at engineering . They asked me which subject of engineering you think would never be helpful for you in your future anymore, I answered them that no subject I studied would go waste as each subject has its own importance. 
8. Then I had a final question. They asked me to give a one minute speech on topic " After B.Tech most of the students shift their careers either to IT/Managerial sectors. So tell us why should engineers do only hardcore engineering jobs? "
I spoke for around 30 seconds, they said I still had time left. I said that's all I could get now.
Finally I thanked them again before leaving.
They told me that results would be announced in a week. Irrespective of the result, I'd like to thank the alumni of CPDM( 2013-15 batch) who guided me and helped me in my preparation.
Rahul Kusuma.


Unknown said...

Rahul,the questions mentioned in PART A of DAT are mainly from Mechanics/Physics? Is the paper set branch wise.As you were from Mechanical Engineering? Will a CSE candidate be given a different set of questions?

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

A common paper is set for each branch. What you see here is paper for product design. They dont differntiate between the backgrounds of the candidates. They just give the papers. I believe that the topics were covered in 12th standard itself, so person from any branch could solve it :)

Rahul Kusuma said...

As Mr.Prasanna already answered, I'd like to mention that a Mechanical student would be definitely having an edge over other branch students. I'd suggest a CSE student to prepare Basic Mathematics of 12th and also cover the basics of EM & SM (Engineering Mechanics & Strength of Materials). Very basic questions (equivalent to 12th) on these topics were asked. I haven't seen any questions relating to CSE. Wish you good luck :)

Thiep said...
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Sanju Kadu said...

Hello.. myself Sanju ..
I am preparing for ceed n Nid
I want to know that after clearing CEED how can we apply for IIT or IISC ? Confused between the procedure after CEED !

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