May 25, 2016

Subham Mukharjee's IDC IITB experience

I am writing this after a failed first attempt at the IIT Bombay interviews this year. I wish to go for it again the next year but meanwhile my college juniors have been asking me about tips to crack the CEED exams in the first place, so I thought of answering it in a much general forum.
I just completed my undergrads from BIT Noida in animation and multimedia and had only given the CEED papers this year (2016-2017) and not NID. I was clear that I wanted to work for a year before going back to studies(I'm just 21 and have never repeated or dropped a year before so I still got time), but gave a try nevertheless.
I prepared for CEED while I was doing my internship. I used to solve previous year question papers along with my senior designers at work which was fun asking reasonable doubts when I had problems. Other preparations included brushing up my high school level maths(I was always bad at it). I practiced a little bit of gesture drawing everyday to loosen up my artwork and started reading books, graphic novels, stuff like that.
On the day of the exams I found the question papers to be a bit lengthy and was also a bit uncomfortable with the method of examination. I thought the whole thing would be traditional paper based but there were questions on-screen. Browsing through questions like that in such a short time didn't seem reasonable to me. I decided to completely avoid questions that had multiple choices, unless I knew them precisely, because that takes up the most amount of time to think and also had negative marking. Instead I did almost every numerical(almost all of them were correct) and did most of the other objective ones too which had no negative score. Win! Win!
For part B I think everyone answered in their best way possible. I'll just share one tip. Try giving a read to Framed Inked because that book has helped me a great deal in answering the type of questions we got.
Alright! So the ordeal was over and the waiting season began which was pushed even further after the results were postponed due to the Chennai floods mishap. Finally when it came I was happy to secure a AIR 35 with 55.5 marks.
As I wanted to work for the current year, I decided to only give IIT Bombay a try. I applied for three disciplines, preparing the application forms for which almost rendered me half dead, but finally posting them to Bombay was a huge relief. I got a call for all three written tests/interviews.
My written tests weren't exceptionally good but went rather average. The interviews were a day after the written tests, which I thought went good at that moment. I mean I gave whatever I had at ground zero.
Unfortunately I didn't make the cut in the first list of candidates when the results were out. I don't know what went wrong but I don't really care much about it  because the whole procedure has taught me more than any other stretch of 3-4 months can. It has taught me time management, presentation skills, handling pressure, delivering responsibilities, you get the idea. :P
I'll be giving both NID and CEED, next year too. I congratulate the ones who got selected, I stalked a few of them on facebook, lol, everyone's deserving. I've attached my portfolio which I presented this year in case anyone finds it helpful, it's also open to healthy criticism as I'd like to hear some suggestions to improve it. I'll however make a new one in the future.

Game's on!

Shubham's Portfolio can be viewed here


me said...

thanx a lot. can you please share your portfolio too..i would love to see your work..:)

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rohit bisht said...

What do they ask in the written test that you gave a day before interview?
Why do you think you got rejected even after getting such a good rank?
Please reply


First part of the answer:

I think i got rejected because i didn't have a more segregated portfolio for each discipline i had an interview for. I don't know it's just a guess right now because IITB didn't declare any marks of the interview and tests, there was just a list of candidates, which I condemn. The second reason could be that while I was leaving after my CD interview, one of the professor asked me to present him a caricature of his, after the day's done. I just laughed it off as a joke and went along with my other interview process. :|

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi rohit,
I am replying further to what Subham said
You can find the IITB DAT paper on the left side links on this blog. This is the paper he solved on the day before interview.
It is quite hard to analyse why people dont make it to IDC in spite of great ranks. One of the reason can be that they have already selected someone having similar background and qualification. In general, its often quite hard to tell though.
All the best


Thanks man! :)

Yasir Mazhar said...

Thanks bro.

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