June 20, 2016

Dhruva Rathod's experience of IISc, IITB, IITD, IITK and IITG

I am K Dhruva Rathod,B.Tech Mechanical 2016 (Interested in Automobile and Product design) 

Talking of CEED,its my first attempt,my interest was to join IDC @ IITB
CEED  PART B score -40  ,Categoty-ST
Bottom-line- a good score can give you a chance to attend interview but not score,
People having 7,13 rank came till IITG but could make it to M.DES

It was the first interview so I went to look into process and learn something so that I could do well at IDC.
DAT- I was good solving basic aptitude and the questions from basic mechanical engineering subjects  all the 5 questions in technical part of DAT were correct ,5 out of 10 are compulsory and they dealt with engineering mechanics,strength of materials,fluid mechanics,maths,electrical.
Interview (15 minutes)-I had my interview immediately after DAT,questions were asked like this
Tell me about yourself
How did you come to know about CPDM
Why didn’t you write GATE
Asked me how I could prove I am a designer (they intend to ask my portfolio and my works),
 Since I wasn’t knowing how to make one I didn’t make any hard-copy in a file
I showed my sketchbook and then a few images of product designs I made in my laptop then
They asked difference between engineer and designer
I was happy the way it went on .
Firstly I was tensed since it was IISC and it was my first interview.
Don’t worry or get tensed don’t be like me start making portfolio based on your interests .
Then came result I got call letter to join Product design and engineering at CPDM @IISc

DAT-You know the questions asked I uploaded the question paper.since I am a starter my sketching was a bit poor.i did what ever I could
Interview-they asked my BTech project details (know A to Z about that ,prepare well in hand)
Showed my sketchbook and my sketches and things I made using CATIA.

DAT-asked to make a machine that helps in plucking mangoes and can count the number too.
Interview(7pm)-Basic questions after seeing my sketchbook,other questions related to b.tech project
It lasted for 2 mins .
IIDC interviews starts with General-OBC-SC-ST

4.IITK (no DAT)
Interview was held for 2 days ,mine was on first due to clash got it postponed to second day,
As soon as I entered I saw 3 people,mine interview was immediately after lunch so only one interviewer was active,one was playing in phone,other busy switching ON MAC.
Same questions on sketchbook and portfolio
Asked why I choose certain course at IITK .
Bottom-line : I was rigid with interviewer stating my interests of automobile design,they wanted a flexible guy ,also there was no faculty related to automobile design.
Sometimes versatile portfolio can fetch you a seat,since you are flexible

DAT-sketches for products , animation inspiration from Banana,question paper is in the blog refer that.
Interview (panel of 15)-it was held in conference hall,after IISC interview I was happy with IITG interview,portfolio is circulated and then questions  on sketchbook and portifolio,btech project,idea presented in DAT.

I must admit that prasanna Sir helped me a lot

A good ceed score can get you a call for interview but not seat,start working on portifolio based on your interests (animation,product,automobile,interaction UX /UI)
K.Dhruva Rathod.
Any queries mail to dhruvarathod9@gmail.com


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Unknown said...

hello sir, this is anuradha and i am in B.F.A-3rd year, problem is this that i am not an engineering student that's why i don't know about mechanicals and product design then kaise crack krungi ceed exam, and my english is als not gud then how...how? please help me....

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