June 13, 2016

Ravi Terang's story of IITD and IITK

Hello design aspirants.

I have been reading a lot of the success stories from this blog and ever since i got the call back from IIT Delhi and Kanpur, have been wanting to share my experience.
I am a BE (mech) graduate like most of the people here. I don't want to bore you with all the how i prepared for ceed and stuff cause you'll find a lot on how to do that here. So I'll just skip straight to DAT and interview experience.
I had a pretty bad score and rank. So i decided to just apply to  most of the inst. for experience excluding iit bombay and hyderabad since i wasn't into visual communication.  I was lucky enough to get calls from all the inst. I only had 4 days  to prepare for my portfolio after my final exams but somehow managed to get something done just  the night before interview as it's a crucial part for interview.

DAT and Interview at IDDC: Studio test was really fun.  We were given a question to design a mango plucking device.
After studio test, i had to wait a long time for my interview.
It was a panel of 2 and they were really friendly.
The moment i entered the room, they spoke to me in assamese as i am from Assam. I was surprised and responded back in assamese.  They then went though my portfolio and asked if I was interested in product design. I was more into transportation design so i said no. Then they asked me about my native place and things happening out there and that was it. The interview went for around 5-10 mins.

Interview at IIT Kanpur:
Unlike other inst., in iitk there wasn't any DAT. It was a direct interview. I have read a lot about how the interviews go and what they usually ask in iitk from this blog so i did some practice on some of the  commonly asked question.
Unlike iit delhi, i didn't have to wait long. It was a panel of 5. The moment i entered the room they asked me to hand over my portfolio. One of them was busy checking into my portfolio and the rest started shooting questions at me. They first asked me to solve an equation which i somehow managed to solve with some help from the panel. ( (y = |x| - y) this is the type of equations they commonly ask ).(Make sure you go through some of the basic +2 maths the night before interview) Then they asked  some question from my portfolio. One of the panel asked me if i can do logo design. I said yes and they asked me to design a logo for the assamese people.  My hands were shaking and i could hardly draw a circle but i somehow managed to complete the logo. The rhino i made in the logo was more like a potato and the tea leaves were more like creepers. They asked some question based on my engineering background and also where i see myself after 3 years. During the interview i tried my best to show them my desire to learn and my interest in design. The interview went on for about 15  mins. The time i spent inside the interview was intense but it was fun.
My only suggestions is to be honest and never lie about anything. The panels are very clever and they know what you really are. So just be yourself and don't pretend to know everything. Show then your desire to learn.

Thanks to Prasanna Sir for creating this awesome blog.

Drop me a mail at raveeterang@gmail.com  if you have any quarries. I'll be more than happy to help.
Here are some of the pages from my potfolio. I hope this helps.

Selected works from portfolio



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